Singapore Company Payroll Services


Singapore Company Payroll Service is outlined to provide organized, detailed and well-constructed payroll information and to employ promptness in paying employees. Singapore Payroll Services is one of the most important concerns for all businesses. The process can be complicated further and more time-consuming with additional components such as benefits, allowances, deductions, government remittance, etc. It is of no surprise that consequently many SMEs choose to outsource their payroll function to accounting firms to.

This type of service together with all accounting services is supported with best-computerized system In order to make information and reports fast and easily available. The purpose of this service is to help companies maximize their time on their operation and at the same time maintain an excellent company payroll service.

Normally, after a company employs the services of a corporate solution provider in Singapore, they are automatically assigned an account executive that can work with the clients to help determine their needs and customize packages that meet their requirements.

Some of the most common payroll services include the following accounting functions:

▪ Salary Calculation based on weekly, bi- weekly or monthly.

▪ Salary payment to employees by cheque issuance or through bank transfer such as GIRO.

▪ Central Provident Funds (CPF) registration and timely monthly payment.

▪ Issuing of IR8A for personal tax including statutory annual returns filing.

In addition, there are also other accounting services usually made available by different corporate solutions firms in Singapore. These services include the following:

1.   Accounting Services – Bookkeeping, GST Registration and Filing, Payroll Service, Personal Income Tax Service and Accounts payable services such as issuance of sales invoices and payment vouchers

2.   Statutory Compliance Services – ECI Submission, Statutory Compliance Service, Accounts Audit Service and Corporate Tax Return Service

3.   Tax Planning

4.   Software Services – Accounting software implementation and training.

The information available in this post is a brief overview of a payroll service. If you need additional information and further assistance, you can always proceed by contacting an authorized and trusted corporate solutions provider in Singapore.