Singapore: Best Place To Form A Singapore Company

{flickr|100|campaign} Singapore is always known as one of the business capitals in the world but also they are considered as one of the best service provider in any industry.

To provide and assist applicants with their needed requirements and with some sort of legal assistance is the main purpose of company registration specialist.

Listed below are essential ideas or information that an applicant should always remember in registering a company in Singapore Note taking is highly suggested

Company Name. Approval of company name should be done first before incorporation in Singapore.

Directors.Strongly stated that only one resident director must be present. Addition of directors is not a problem since they allow unlimited addition of directors. An individual aged 18 years above with clean reputation is a qualification for a director.

Shareholders. Only a minimum of one and maximum of 50 shareholders are prohibited for each company. Singapore allows a director to be a shareholder at the same time. No such thing as nationality criteria is considered by Singapore so foreigners are much welcome in shareholding.

Company Secretary. Companies should always present a secretary even before the incorporation of their company. Requirement for a secretary is that he/she should be a local resident in nature.

Paid-up Capital.The least paid up capital should necessarily be S$ 1. Increasing of paid up capital is allowed anytime.There is no concept of Authorized Capital for Singapore companies.

Registered Address.For approval of registered address, always have a local Singapore address. Residential and commercial address are considered physical address so they are accepted to be used as the company’s registered address.

Taxation. Singapore registered companies enjoy very attractive tax exemptions and incentives. Businessmen think that they are fortunate for having some tax exemptions that’s they always make it a point to invest in Singapore.

Asking direct help from a legal and authorized registration firm in Singapore would mean a lot as this will give a greater chance to make the registration process a lot easier.