Silk Scarves: Properties of Silk


For all these aspects silk has been favored for centuries. The tricks of its manufacture were held securely in China for more than 2,000 years, however finally the information and raw substances (silkworms and mulberry trees) were to be discovered elsewhere in the world, and lots of countries had a considerable number of people hired in the manufacture of silk goods. China is currently the world leader in silk manufacture, simply as it was several thousand years ago. China supplies more than half the world’s silk, and India accounts for around a quarter of the Chinese manufacture. India is, on the other hand, the leader in manufacture of wild silks, that is, silk spun from varieties of silkworms other than B. mori which live in the wild, like the tussah silk moth. Silk manufacture from these wild silkworms is much less predictable and much more difficult to manage, due to the fact these insects could not be domesticated like the B. mori. Furthermore, tussah silk is believed to be a little more coarse than silk from B. mori. In spite of the appearance of less costly artificial textiles for example rayon and nylon, the benefits and properties of silk are the reason for its ongoing considerable demand.

Firstly, silk can take nicely to fabric dyes, both natural and artificial, which results in bright colored textiles. One more property of silk is its delicate feel, and it holds its appearance nicely, even after having been extended. In appearance silk has a gloss and luminosity that makes it look superb. Due to the fact silk manufacture is labor demanding and expensive it has typically been chosen by royal family and people of success for generations, and it has actually sometimes become a token for wealth and achievement. In England, for example, as soon as an attorney reaches a certain level and earns the honour of being a QC (for Queen’s Council), he or she is believed to “take the silk”. After that they could don a silk outfit during court proceedings. Actually silk garments from real English silk are commonly worn in royal marriage ceremonies in England, and this is a tradition that has been upheld for generations. You can get still compact silk producing operations found there in modern times.

One outstanding property of silk is its superior tensile strength and its fibers could not easily be torn or damaged. It is also an elastic material that could be extended and then could recover to its original size except extended beyond 20-25% of its original length. It has been applied in the past in producing guy ropes to take advantage of this properties.

Silk has the property of being a very versatile material. For example, a silk scarf could readily be pulled through a wedding ring, and it could immediately retake its original appearance without a lot of wrinkles. It is light in weight, and it could be easily folded. Silk scarves are terrific for women who travel, as a woman could improve her look by adjusting scarves and could get away with having fewer apparel than she commonly can don at home. In addition, silk tends to fall naturally and hangs smoothly as soon as applied as apparel. This presents it an elegance more than other textiles that are more stiff and inflexible. In addition, silk retains its structural integrity and could not decay. Silk is also more heat proof than lots of other textiles, including wool, as an illustration, and is actually rather difficult to burn.