Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau Has The Right To Visit Leshan Long Fire Guide


April 28 afternoon, party secretary of Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department, Director has the right to rate the relevant provincial department heads and his party in Leshan City, vice mayor, city public security bureau, Huang and other leaders if accompanied by the construction, visit Leshan city fire brigade, a cordial visit condolences to adhere to the fire line officers and soldiers on duty, inspection and guidance ” 51 “The city before the holiday fire safety and security, encourage detachment Leshan city’s new leadership and the troops should continue to strive to achieve new leaps Leshan fire service, to achieve new glories.

Afternoon, has been director of the Leshan municipal government and his party leadership and the leadership of Leshan City, accompanied by Fire Brigade, went straight to Leshan fire rescue command center. In 119 Command center hall, had a cordial Minister and his entourage visited the command center adhere to the duty officer on duty status, and seriously view the city, “Sky Net” project and the detachment of the reception and handling processes and forces within the video Monitor Presentation, listened carefully to the leadership of the city’s 51 during the detachment fire prevention and security reports. On duty to see better mental outlook, the reception and handling facilities are operating well, he was very pleased that Minister. He called the detachment to further strengthen the command center of the soft Hardware Construction, and fully play the role of remote monitoring system the city, close to the key units, the dynamic implementation of the remote tracking sites, and effectively improve the city Fire Accident The fighting and prevention capacity. Meanwhile, we should make full use of remote monitoring, managing Zhezhi Military Of team, ensure a high degree stability.

On the detachment of the new team director had high hopes, He says, in recent years, Leshan fire brigade in the leading organs at all levels and local party committees, under the leadership of the government has made great achievements, especially in “Three Basics” in the construction of detachment as an opportunity to be pioneers in the spirit of the grass-roots infrastructure, the city’s fire occurred in construction work and forces changes over and over again, as a typical provincial forces. On how to further play the role of the new team, united and led the city party committee and the troops on the basis of the original performance and then achieve leap.

Detachment of the party secretary and political commissar of the party on behalf of the detachment of the Minister and his party had come to inspect and guide the detachment to express my sincere thanks, and said the party committee and the city detachment troops will conscientiously carry out and implement the spirit has been director of instruction, a good grasp of team and team building, strengthening the quality of the construction of police forces and local full use of the two advantages, promote the building of the city’s fire work and force to achieve sound and rapid development.