Short Breaks On Exmoor

.tags It makes me smile when I hear people say that they grabbed a short brake recently, yet they look so tired and stressed out it’s almost hard to believe that they have just been away! Then when you hear that their ‘short brake’ consisted off:

Booking flights,
Trying to book a hotel abroad
Exchanging currency
Renewing passports
Getting up at the crack of dawn to race to the airport for flights
Worrying that strikes and delays would spoil their trip
Worrying about what they can and can’t take on the plane
Finding that their short, low cost brake ended up not so ‘low cost’ after the applied additional taxes and supplements
Hearing that the local food was not so good
Finding out that their accommodation was well below standard…

Well I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted just thinking about organising all that lot!

Luckily, I found the secret to a fun relaxing, hassle free short brake some time ago. Now when I take a short brake, I have fun and come home rejuvenated, not exhausted and more stressed than before I set out! I take my short brakes in the UK, in Exmoor. I don’t need to book or race to catch flights, it doesn’t take me long to get there, in fact I can relax on the train or drive down in my own car at my leisure. I have no money to change, no worry about strikes and if I have a three or four day brake, I spend all of it having fun, not two days travelling to get somewhere in time to have to turn around and go back home again!

The climate in Exmoor is generally mild, and if it’s not…my favourite hotel has roaring log fires and 100 specialist malt whiskies to choose from, so who cares! The food is of high quality, locally sourced and tastes amazing, I don’t have to take a phrase book and I can go where I want without my passport! I truly believe that the best short brakes are to be taken in the UK. Finding The Exmoor White Horse Inn has made the whole experience a luxurious treat for me that doesn’t break the bank! Go with a partner for a romantic short brake, or take the family for a fun filled get-a-way, there really is something for everyone. To add the cherry on the top of this fantastic short brake, here’s a little tip. Before you decide on anything, check out their website for special offers and great deals (they have something running all year) because pampering yourself with the treat of a short brake, doesn’t have to brake the bank! For more information, do check out their information filled website at