Shore Fishing Along a Midwest Hiking Trail


Shore Fishing is an adventure the entire family can enjoy. Many scenic trails wind along the edge of a river or along bodies of water. Adults as well as children often enjoy hiking the trails that lead to the water’s edge. Hiking trails are abundant with wildlife, wildflowers and a variety of plush greenery. A trip that starts out as a shore fishing expedition has the potential to quickly become an educational experience children will remember for years to come. Take along a camera so that pictures can become a part of the story.

After reviewing the trail systems and public water accesses in your area, you may find you are minutes from a great pan fishing location. State maps and Department of Natural Resource websites provide a large amount of information about public water. Information they provide assists the fishing and hiking enthusiast alike. Public water shores provide the opportunity for a vast variety of potential species to be caught. In the Midwest, it is not uncommon to catch sunnies, perch, northern and even walleye while shore fishing. Taking a moment to review signage that is often located in parking areas surrounding lakes or rivers can be helpful to a shore fishing individual.

The DNR constructed signage will typically list species known to inhabit the water in that area. From the information provided, one can determine the best choice of bait to use for the type of fish available. The signs may also provide information on catch and release programs. Some bodies of water may be actively practicing catch and release while other bodies of water may not be active with catch and release. Catch and release is a program that is designed to protect and encourage growth of individual species in certain areas, thereby guaranteeing many years of future fishing enjoyment for many families.