Shopaholic Celebrities


Shopping has been the habit of many girls. They go shopping to buy new clothes, shoes, hats as well as pretty accessories with the hope to make them more beautiful and attractive. A few of them have been so obsessed about their own appearance that they become addicted to shopping. They can not shop their desire to buy new cosmetics and clothing and they think such things will raise their own value making people admire and love them. Sometimes it is just the need to satisfy their shopping addiction that pushes them to buy more. As a matter of fact, shopping is a luxurious habit. Not many girls can afford such habit. However, it is not a big problem for rich Hollywood stars when they become shopaholics.


Sarah Jessica Parker: The Queen of shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker admitted that she had always been a shoes shopaholic since she was 15 years old


It is estimated that Sarah has about 100 pairs of shoes, each of which worth from $ 300 to $ 1000. He possesses a big collection of shoes of all types ranging from sneakers to high heels.


Beyonce: earings shopaholic

The sexy singer once exclaimed that: “I love shopping” and her favourite shop is Topshop. The singer of Destiny’s Child may look very youthful with street fashion but still possesses a typical style of a genuine diva. Earrings are Beyonce’s most preferred accessories.


Gwen Stefani: a shopaholic since the early age

Gwen Stefani has had a special shopping habit. She preferred investigating second hand clothes and makes her own ones by herself. This strange habit started when she was a small kid. At that time her family has a sewing machine and she used it to make her clothes.


Madonna: shopping through designers’ books

As one of the richest women in England, Madonna has a very special shopping habit. Instead of visiting fashion shops, the Pop Queen prefers choosing products through specials fashion books sent by designers. In a moment she can spend $ 60,000 shopping in this way. She was a fan of designer Stella McCartney.


Jennifer Lopez: shopaholic of sexy clothing

Jennifer Lopez is a fan of 2 brands Gucci and Versace


Once she went shopping, she dropped by Mandison shop in Beverly Hills and bought Adrew shoes, MiuMiu sneakers and Prada sandals. She shared that going shopping made her comfortable and she liked buying clothes and shoes.


Cameron Diaz: great shopaholic

Whether she is attending a parting or visiting night clubs, Cameron Diaz always appears as a fashionable lady. She could spend from $ 20,000 to $ 48,000 per week for the luxurious habit.


Victoria Beckham: colorful shopaholic

No one can deny the Victoria’s aesthetic ability. She even could spend 100,000 pounds to satisfy her desire for beauty. Each of her shopping tour may last 5 hours. When I see something I like, I’ll buy it of all colours.



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