Several Easy Ways in Using P7400 Paper Folder


When talking about folding machine, you will find that there are many folding machines that you can use. One of them is Martin Yale P7400 paper folder. This will be a great machine that you can have. With this machine, you will be able to fold the paper quickly. In an hour, you will be able to fold 4,000 sheets of paper so that you will save your time.

The P7400 paper folder can handle three sizes of paper. This means that you will not need different machine to fold different size of paper. This machine is also able to fold three sheet of paper with four different folds in one time. This means a lot for your efficiency in doing the job. Additionally, this machine will stop working when there is a paper jam. This is an important feature that you can have from a folding machine.

With its continuous-feed tray, this machine can hold 50 sheets of paper at the same time. When you are about to use the machine, there are some smart hints that you should know. This will make you be able to do the folding job correctly.

1. You should add the fold table to fold the paper that you want. This is because the P7400 paper folder is set by the factory to fold the letter paper for business envelopes. Thus, if you want to fold other types of fold, you should set the additional fold table. This fold table will be used for determining the place for the locking knobs for the fold that you prefer.
2. After that, you should load the paper folder with sheets of paper in the paper tray. You can load the paper up to 50 sheets. Make sure that you tap the papers before loading them into the paper tray. You must also make sure that the top of the papers touch the feed tire.
3. Then, you should turn on the machine. You can do this by pushing the green power switch. To begin folding the papers, you should press the “I” side of the I/O switch.

Those are smart hints that will help you to operate the P4700 paper folder. With this machine, you will be able to improve the efficiency of your work in folding paper.