Seven Great Reasons to Holiday in Antalya Turkey


Antalya Province is situated on the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey. Its long expanses of beautiful sandy beaches, warm blue waters and exuberant sunshine make it one of the most popular vacation spots on the Mediterranean Coast.

Antalya is known as the Turkish Riviera, and its shoreline is dramatic and picturesque. Ancient cities, quaint villages, amazing cliffs and secluded coves are just some of what makes Antalyas seaside so alluring.

Antalya is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, and the scenery is spectacular. Nearby Roman ruins, natural wonders, a variety of sporting opportunities and cultural attractions are just some of what makes Antalya an ideal vacation destination.

The following are seven great reasons to holiday in Antalya, including a variety of activities and attractions you will not want to miss

Mediterranean beaches.
The beaches in Antalya are exceptionally beautiful, and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea at Antalya is warm, clear and serene. As you swim, sunbathe or enjoy your favorite water sports, you’ll see the incredible Taurus Mountains and expansive pine forests in the background.

Antalyas main beach Konyaalti is the perfect place to relax and have fun in the sun, and there is a variety of other beaches up and down the coast to visit, as well. Equipment rentals, services and lessons for all types of water sports are available from local operators along the beach.

Sporting opportunities.
You can try practically any type of water or land-based sport in Antalya you like, from water skiing to bungee jumping. Boating, sailing, fishing and even mountain climbing excursions are all available and easily arranged. Several significant sporting events are held at Antalya throughout the year, including triathlons, canoeing and volleyball competitions.

Archaeological sites.
There are many fascinating archaeological sites to visit in and around Antalya. Day trips to visit the Roman ruins at Perge, the incredible Aspendos amphitheatre and the remains of Termessos offer incredible opportunities to see unique archaeological sites.

In addition, the old quarter of Kaleici in Antalya is enclosed within ancient Roman walls. Those interested in archaeology won’t want to miss the Antalya Archaeology Museum with its impressive 13 exhibition halls and open air gallery.

Visitors have a variety of options for enjoying local cuisine in Antalya, from coffee houses and street-side cafes to fine restaurants. There are many opportunities for trying traditional Turkish food, including kebabs, stuffed vine leaves and rice dishes. You won’t want to miss sampling raki, the aniseed-flavoured national drink of Turkey.

Although Antalya features many luxurious tourist resorts and hotels, it retains its unique and diverse culture and traditional appeal. You can experience authentic Turkish life and learn about customs and traditions on a simple walk or shopping excursion in Antalya.

There is a variety of shopping facilities and opportunities in Antalya. Shops, bazaars and markets, boutiques, craft and souvenir shops are open late and offer a wide variety of goods. Some of the most popular items to look for include gold and silver jewellery, beads and leather goods. Haggling over prices is expected in Antalya, and prices are inflated to allow for sporty bartering.

Antalya offers visitors a varied and exuberant nightlife. Whether you’re interested in a romantic evening and dinner for two or you want to party into the early hours, you will find plenty of opportunities in Antalya. Nightlife in Antalya centers around restaurants and bars, many of which are situated in hotels. Live music and floorshows featuring belly dancers are available at many hotels.

Antalya is a diverse place that offers holiday-goers a huge variety of options when it comes to experiences and entertainment. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in Antalya, you’re sure to be impressed with its beauty, culture and history. Whether you travel to Antalya alone, on a romantic holiday or bring the family for a fun vacation, you will enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience.