Set Long or Short Life Goal


If you have a life goal, but you actually hit it and wonder what happened, it means your goal is too small and easy to get. This article will tell you about your destination.



Before we look at destinations, it is important to understand this principle of journeys. We know some people live in the same home from birth to death, while others set the standard life goal of having a life partner, hopefully a soul mate, children, and a home.


Though this is a goal we all pretty much want, and deserve, the truth is that whatever you set for yourself in life, and strive to achieve, you will achieve! I remember a poem that in essence said – if you bargain with life for a penny, that is all it will pay.


You must realize that whatever you want from life, it will deliver. Whether riches, happiness or whatever you seek, you will find. Even Jesus told us that one, and so many more people – the greatest minds, and people have told us.


So make your dreams bold and big and remember – if you shoot for the Moon and miss, you will land amongst the stars! Let us begin, and let us look at this success thing, because it is important.


What I really wanted to write to you about today is to remind you of 2 things. The first is that you can never reach a point where you will say ‘I have succeeded’. Though you will say this many times in life – if you are committed, the truth is that when we achieve, and reach a plateau, we seek ever higher ground.


Some go crazy and continue on the journey to achieve the astounding success stories we often hear about. The second point which I wanted to write to you about is this point of the length of journey.


A long journey is harder; it has many obstacles and opportunities, which can make all the difference. Most people don’t dare to try this long journey; it has the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and many other success stories.


Revolutionizing your life, and going from lowly beginnings to higher ground is not easy, it is hard. However, it is possible.


A look at most people in the world will show you a different kind of result. We see people who don’t make a journey, and some make very small journeys.


Having a smile on your face through life, and being happy needs one thing – you to connect with yourself. You see the only way to achieve the success and happy feeling is to know what you really want.


Not the vanity, but the things that will make you really happy. It is not always easy as we can see with all the people who simply want to make money, rather than look at what will make them happy.


Find happiness, find what you really want in life, and a way is made. Persistence and faith opens doors. So know what you want, and knock. You will be amazed at the rewards that your labor provides.