Serve Text Link Ads

.tags From some time now the text links are used as a natural way of generating the search engine traffic for your website. However, selling text links can also prove to be the most profitable business than can be done online. The text link ads earn a large amount of profit for the text link sellers that it has ever done. This is because the importance and effectiveness of the text links has became much well known to the advertisers.

The high traffic domains are gaining much popularity in the field of advertising. The text links are highly targeted thus such traffics prove to be ideal for the advertisers. Websites have a natural tendency to attract the traffic to their niche that is based on the content. To target the advertising content to a group of people that would be most interested in the products or services that have been advertised is the best possible strategy in advertising. Use of text links which are linked to niche specific websites can prove to be very ideal medium in targeting specific group of people that are most likely to be interested in the product you have to offer. You can also help the search engine rankings of your website with the use of text link ads. You can also allow other Webmasters to put some links on your websites and charge the Webmasters for this privilege. This can be a very good way to ensure a steady flow of income every month or year through your website.

The mattresses that your site consists of May have much effect on the amount that you’ll be able to charge the Webmasters for putting the text links on your website. The rates that are charged by the website owners to the Webmasters for the text links can be different. The charges can be dependent on the topic of the websites, public relations of the website, the traffic flow and also the current out bound links that your website has.

The table which is then displayed below can be very helpful in charting out the charges that you should endorse upon the Webmasters for allowing them to post the text links on your website. The charges can also be adjusted after selling off a few links at the LinkAdage.

Public RelationsMonthly Price Range
1-2$ 8.00 – $ 10.00
2-3$ 10.00 – $ 30.00
3-4$ 24.00 – $ 40.00
4-5$ 35.00 – $ 65.00
6-8$ 50.00 – $ 120.00
8-10$ 150 and above

Many of the owners of the websites are unaware of the ways in which they can sell links on the site. It is not as competitive as it is considered to be. If the owner logs on to LinkAdage he may be able to sell the link space without anyone’s help or guidance. He will also have an option to keep all the revenue or appoint an ex-link broker to do so for you. This can be as very simple process if a person dedicates some of his time and hard work to understand the process first and then implement it.