SEO Hack: Internal Linking Strategy

SEO Hack: Internal Linking Strategy

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0:05 Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here, and I’m accompanied by Adam from

This is from Yousof, he wants to rank for a really specific keyword and the keywords are “long winter coats”.

0:30 Yousof is wondering how should he be using internal links like the do’s and the don’ts. If his keyword is “long winter coats”. And this will work for any keywords, any industries, with the tips that I’m about to give.

1:00 So first off. If you have long articles around “long winter coats”, you’re of course gonna do well. But you wanna end up taking other pages, and link with the keyword “long winter coats”. And by doing that, and linking back to that main page, the main article, it could be the page where you’re selling long winter coats, what you’ll find is eventually over time, it’ll get more authority, and it’ll increase in rankings. Now, here’s the thing: if you have 500 pages on your site, and you link from those 500 pages all to the “long winter coats” page, with the anchor text “long winter coats”, what do you think is gonna happen in Google’s eyes?

1:30 So you don’t wanna do it from every single page, you don’t wanna just shove it in your footer. If you have most popular products, yes, you can add it in the footer, but in general, the links within the text are gonna perform much better than if you just added “long winter coats” in the footer of your site. So try to embed it within the text, sidebars, footers, navigational elements, not as effective when it comes to anchor text, versus putting it in the content.

2:00 If I write an article on like, the ten best long winter coats, from there I can take each of those ten coats and link ’em to e-commerce sites as affiliates that need to make money, or if I’m selling products, I can create a list and prioritize ten through one, the top one not being the best, the bottom one is the best, or one through ten, however you wanna organize it, and I can link to products on my own website, and I bet you the conversions would be through the roof.

2:30 The key is, you can either, it could either be a content page or a product page, it doesn’t really matter, if it’s a product page it’s probably gonna be a product page that showcases tons of long winter coats, versus just one. Or if it’s just one, that’s okay too, assuming your coat is amazing.

3:00 But the link text, the internal linking isn’t too complicated, add links when it makes sense, if it’s not relevant don’t add the links. In-text links are better off than non-in-text links. And try to include keywords in the anchor text. But don’t over-optimize and have all the internal links say the same thing. You can pick random words that make sense, just make sure it flows and it reads well in sentences when people are seeing that internal link.

3:30 With links, there’s not much to it, but you do that, you’ll do well and give it time, you add the internal links, your rankings won’t boost right away. I usually see it take around like five months before the internal links really kick in and it really helps boost my rankings.

4:00 Most people, what they do is the internal link on their new posts, but they forget to go back to their older blog posts or their older pages on their site, and then add in internal links to those as well. So, just don’t do it for your newer pages, also go and modify your older pages as well. By doing that, you’ll find that your rankings will increase faster. But that’s pretty much it!

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