Self Photography Skills In Daily Life

{flickr|100|campaign} Online there are many girls with the way the self-timer on the mirror to show their luxuriant beauty, the result looks a mess. The reason, no GG to their photographs, failed; not find a suitable camera (SAMSUNG bp70a battery) to take pictures themselves, failed; finally looked in the mirror to yourself to take a picture, but was friends as the camera model, it is a failure in the failure … …

When you stand in front of the mirror with a hand-held digital camera self-timer, you limit the selection of shooting a great attitude. The hand holding the digital camera can be placed only in front, body, or only a little side facing the mirror, so you’re really exaggerated form – just the camera is showing a Model.

In fact, the self-timer should be this:

1. Using a tripod

The current digital cameras usually have the self-timer function, and the popularity of digital cameras, a tripod makes a lot of shooting in the big occasions, displayed their prowess. Tripod on the market grade and sizes, to meet basic needs. Of course, we need only tens of dollars on a good tripod will be able to complete the self-timer. Specific operational procedures are as follows: set the digital camera to the self-timer mode, fixed with a digital camera tripod, take the good times, and then went back to shooting range free to do the movements on it (note that the moment to take action to make your favorite .) This means a smaller shot, shooting conditions, freedom, self-play room is also great, there is no tripod supports can be fixed with some cameras , in short, to ensure stability and good shooting position on it.

2. Note shape

When conditions are needed for your mirror self-timer when the rational use of certain essentials, you can also shoot photos of the fun. First thing to note is not to put the kind of monotony of hand-held camera (PANASONIC CGA-DU21 battery) in the chest position, you can use the viewfinder, viewfinder, the camera in front of the eye, not only can increase your sense of the hazy, there is a kind of art, in particular, is coupled with warm lighting, more of a “semi-concealed cameras still give” effect. In addition to the normal horizontal composition, vertical viewfinder you can, changing the position of the arm, all the attractive appearance as the starting point and end point. When the modeling conditions are met, you should also look at your background, it should be more clean as possible.

The bathroom is not suitable for self-

Self-timer to face the mirror in the bathroom usually only for a limited or large mirror indoors. Where poor lighting, narrow range, shoot the photos give a crowded, messy, and even sub-feeling atmosphere. And will result in low light or high ISO camera shutter for a long time, holding the camera will shoot virtual little attention.

Since the camera should be post-processing

Finished, the post-processing is essential. In general we will use PhotoShop for some, such as brightness, color and other aspects of processing. If you do not use PhotoShop, at least have software with dermabrasion dermabrasion, which makes your skin is more delicate, of course, it is even more beautiful, the recommended software is Neat Image.

Difficult is the problem framing

Ye Hao, whether the mirror, using timed shutter both mean the time is difficult because of the self-timer shooting, their effects do not see the site.

In fact, this is no big deal, I feel it wants to remake the film is not deleted. Of course, if your camera’s LCD viewfinder can be rotated 180 degrees, the problem is solved, but unfortunately this is not a lot of machines now, most digital cameras without this feature home.

Using self-timer to time the shutter

There are many features the camera (sony np-fm50 battery) has a shutter time, typically, 2 seconds of time the shutter is used to prevent the trembling of the hands, and not suitable for the self-timer – 2 seconds to go with the lens shape is indeed difficult and gracefully in front of the point.

We can time the shutter is set to 10 seconds, the body placed in the two benches on the makeshift platform for simple fixed, after all, most of your friends do not have a tripod. Remember, do not put the camera on the back of the couch or windowsill, because this way you can not see the scene through the viewfinder is appropriate.

Everything is set up, promising a good background and design style, press the shutter, wait a few seconds before the camera went all OK!