Segovia Tourist Guide


Segovia is very famous for its beautiful castle believed to have been the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the Roman aqueduct.  Segovia is indeed one of the best places for a day trip from Spain’s capital city of Madrid.

The best time to go to Segovia is at the end of October when there is a festival going on.

There are many things you can do in this city, such as:

Visit the aqueduct which was constructed almost 2000 years ago and despite that, is in very good condition.
You can also pay a visit to the fairytale castle of Alcazar.
The Museo de Arte Contempraneo Esteban Vicente is a nice place for art lovers.
You can taste the local dish of Segovia – cochinillo which is a roasted pig.
You can also visit the Jewish neighborhood that begins at the Plaza del Corpus Cristi.
It is quite convenient to go from Madrid to Segovia by bus or train.
You can also go from Salamanca to Segovia on a one day trip.

From Segovia, you can go to Avila which is about 60 minutes away if you travel by bus. You can go to both the places – Segovia and Avila from Madrid in one day, when properly planned. You can even go to El Escorial.If you want to hire a car from Segovia, there is easyCar which offers service all over Spain at reasonable prices.If you are going to Segovia via bus, then make sure that you do not go straight to the cathedral. It is on a hilltop and you can see it from the station itself. The place closest to the station would be the aqueduct which is close to Avenida de Fernández Ladreda.

If you are going via the train you have to go by foot and cross the Paseo Conde Sepúlveda to the bus terminal and then turn to the right.After that you can go to the Tourist Office which is nearby and obtain handy information.You can then go to Cervantes reaching the Plaza del Corpus Cristi where you will find the famous synagogue.Next, visit the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral and cross to the museum of witchcraft – the Alzacar.This is one of the most effective routes for your trip to Segovia; there are other routes too but if you choose one of those you must carry a map with you and ignore the street signs leading to Plaza Mayor which are meant for drivers.