Seeing Through The Aws Welding Programs

.tags This article gives you a peep into the AWS, their various welding programs available, their time period, their merits and demerits. Many people are not aware of the existence of AWS and their programs. Even if we leave the ordinary people apart, there are some welders as well who are not very aware about AWS. This way, things are going in the wrong direction. AWS should be given appropriate recognition since it is the sole governing body in the field of welders and their certification.

AWS is the governing body comprising of several welding schools and welding certification tests shops which is collectively known as AWS accredited welding certification facility. The certificate is given once all the criteria are met. The beginner welders who wish to be certified by the AWS can do so by visiting their official website. After choosing the accredited test facility, you can appear for the welding certification test event.

It is the routine of ones life to pass a test before entering a new job. Experience does matter but test keep going on and on without taking into consideration ones position and rank in their field. Similarly, welder certification tests need to be passed by several boilermakers, welders, ironworkers and pipefitters. Some years ago, these tests were conducted various times a year and sometimes the same tests were conducted multiple times a year. Since these proceedings were very slow and the result had to wait for long, these ongoing procedures were replaced by the AWS welding procedure.

There are various welder certification tests available with them and everything depends upon the materials available with the welder and the kind of equipment he can get the access to. The corresponding test matching the potential and availability of the equipment with the welder is provided. Now the question arises as to for how long is this certification valid? Till the time one provides the evidences of welding activity at the required intervals, it is valid in the eyes of AWS. All these evidences should be audible and documented.

Since there are merits available to the welders, it does not come without the demerits as well. Apart from the expenses one has to incur to complete this course, it is not widely known and accepted as well. Even after you pass all these tests successfully, you will still need to pass the expectation of the contractors. It is very similar to the way other fields work. Even if you get the degree of a particular course, you have to go through the interview and other tests to get the required job.