Security Fire Bureau Xie Die Stem, Political Commissar Of The Research Work In Guizhou – Ministry Of

.tags 11 21 to 22, political commissar of the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department, Major General and his party deeply grateful to model dry fire brigade authorities in Guizhou Province and Guiyang City Fire Brigade visited and saluted officers and men, the study and practice the scientific concept of development contingent on the fire fighting forces conducted investigation and study exchange views with provincial leaders.

Period, the Guizhou Provincial Committee and Vice Governor Huang Kangsheng, Provincial Committee and secretary of Provincial Party Committee Political Committee, Provincial Public Security Bureau director Cui Yadong and other provincial leaders were met at the provincial fire brigade, Major General Xie mold dry, the equipment, the unit management, fire and other contents of the legal system in the talks.

In Guizhou during the dry mode Xie Major General and his party mainly on team building, unit management, fire and legal system, “Three Basics” Project to build a harmonious relationship between the police and conducted field research, has listened to the provincial party committee’s work report of Fire Corps , with the province and part of 9 fire brigade fire brigade, squadron officers and men held a forum to listen to grassroots work units to report the fire and for the eight research subjects made comments and suggestions.

Listen to the provincial fire brigade, after the party’s work report, Major General Xie model of dry fire-fighting units in Guizhou in recent years, the rapid development of fully affirmed, on the four fire control index of “zero growth”, fire fighting and rescue “zero error” Service Management ” zero accident “, has remained the province of fire” no victims of the fire, no group of people to the death, not 10 million of disaster “highly appreciated the results. Fire officers and men perform well in Guizhou against rain and snow this year, Freezing the disasters, extinguishing forest fire, flood fighting, involvement “5? 12” earthquake relief, the successful completion of two Olympics Would be defending the torch relay and the fire safety task force to promote ecological being a police building, troops “Three Basics” Project construction achievements fully affirmed.

21 days, Major General Xie mold dry thoroughly provincial fire brigade, the command center line of the inspection. Since 2002, since the construction of information, Guizhou Fire Department?? Committee attached great importance to and actively raise funds to increase training to fire information construction in Guizhou walk in the forefront of the country. Command systems can be directly connected to any fire squadron, the direct docking with the Ministry of Public Security, to achieve a direct communication network, and diversified intelligence, command and intelligent terminals, office automation, real-time messaging, decision support and scientific , has the command and control, visual command, camp monitoring and management, decision support and information center functions. Xie, political commissar of the command system before the use of information management systems to Guiyang and Liupanshui fire brigade, Zhenning County, Wudang District Fire Brigade and other units on site name, and directed the live video switching unit named surveillance, the situation on the spot inspection personnel in place listen to several units working day Alarm and alarm processing the reports and watching the fire in Guizhou Information Network “political commissar of the mail” content, ask the information network of work, operating expenses, video conference system construction and operation, the DR model was dry, Major General very pleased that he kept praised the “good!.” After the Fire Education Center in Guizhou has in-depth examination venue construction, development, publicity, escape self-help, experience escape function and operation of reception of publicity, education and so on.

22 days, Xie model of dry general command of the fire command center in Guiyang was examined in depth in Wudang District Fire Brigade carry out research, check Fire Vehicles and equipment, canteens, the House Health, Police Cultural life of men building, visited the honor room, listening to the fire officers and men of Wudang Tai Song was composed and sang “I’m happy soldiers fire” and asked about the lives of officers and men of learning are not used to working hard not bitter, quilt cover, warm enough so the fire brigade management evaluation of Wudang District regular, combat duty to carry out the work of a very successful, distinctive, so that the rank and file feel the head of Ministry of Public Security Fire Station, the care and warmth. Also, check the Guiyang City Fire Brigade team of Secret Service Battalion and equipment and management of work, to see men with the spirit of vibration, high momentum, Xie mold highly political commissar of the force dry “dare to win” spirit, fire officers and men of the province instructions we must treasure the honor, to make new contributions.

Finally, thank Major-General stressed the mold dry, fire officers and men of the province in accordance with the requirements of scientific development, further emancipate our minds, to promote team-building work and the rapid fire development; to Publicizing “Fire Act” as an opportunity, perform fire duties; around study and practice, do a good job, “three capital” to enhance the level of fire prevention; good grasp of team-building, strengthen ideological and political education and improve the overall quality of troops.