Secrets of Relaxation For Cancer Patients


We all know what relaxation means, don’t we? Actually few of us know what it means though everyone thinks that they understand the word. Oddly enough relaxation is the gradual lengthening of muscle fibers. None of our muscles can work without muscular tension and without our muscles working we could not move. Relaxation is best described in Chines the term “wu wei,” is literally “not forcing” and it refers to muscular control.

Our blood flow sends the blood to the surface of the hands and feet and all around the surface of the body, this has the effect of nourishing all our tissues and when the blood leaves it is detoxifying the body, by removing the toxins. When we are stressed the tissues become under nourished because the blood flow is diverted away from the tissues to the muscles. Tenseness and anxiety means that our muscle core gets greedy and demands an unfair share of the nutrients, because it requires them just to move.

Be Aware of muscular tension
Once you are consciously aware of muscle tension then you can do something about it. Unfortunately most of us let tension creep up on us and we are not aware of it. Grip your abdominal muscles tightly and feel your abdomen come in and up. Then gradually and slowly release the tension in those muscles, the slow speed is an important part of the process because it allows the muscles to lengthen fully. Once you are aware of that feeling of tension in any muscle group in your body concentrate on releasing that tension and lengthen the muscles.

Most of us are shallow breathers and as a result of this when we inhale the blood does not fill the lungs, so consequently a half full breath gets sent around the body which means that our extremities are starved of oxygen. Breathe in slowly rhythmically and shallowly to the count of eight, hold for eight seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Whilst you first practice this you may feel light headed as the blood takes more oxygenated blood to the tissues.

The brilliant thing about relaxing muscles it can be done at any time you can practice deep breathing techniques whilst you are reading this article. As you become more proficient at lengthening the muscles you will also become more aware of the muscles being tense in the first place, because relaxed muscles will feel so much better.

When your muscles are relaxed the brain cannot work as efficiently because it can’t concentrate, and this makes it easier to fall asleep. Sleep is a healer it allows the body to rest and heal itself. Sleepiness can be promoted by relaxation techniques, exercises and aromatherapy.

In cancer patients side effects from the treatment and pain cause many cancer patients to lose sleep. A recent Athens study carried out by Dr Kyriaki Mystakidou, reviewed a 102 patients with an average age of 62.8 years. Over a period of ten months they had to evaluate the quality of their sleep, as well as their physical and mental well being. The findings found a clear link between lack of sleep and cancer which indicates that a treatment regime should incorporate relation techniques.

Relax your muscles at home by having a warm bath, visualizing a place that brings your contentment for ten minutes, soothing music and deep breathing techniques.