Screen Capture Free Tool Build in Windows – Best Tool For Blogger #screencapture

Screen Capture Free Tool Build in Windows – Best Tool For Blogger #screencapture

Problem Steps Recorder #psr
Blogger’s Best tool for their blog or websites. Problem Steps Recorder is a Free inbuilt tool in windows. It will help you capture screen and also automated task details as a script.
#blog or #websites need that kind of tool so give it a try

→ → Script: –

→Best tool for #blogger or trouble-shooter
→Just Click in start button or press window key and search the PSR
→Just set the things you want to record and Click on start record button
→And from now all the mouse clicks and task that you are doing will start recording
→It’s working with all the windows except Windows XP
→See in this I have created one VBscript file for welcome startup voice
→All the steps in that I have done are now recorded, ok now I’m stopping it
→Its automatically open all the recorded steps
→In that it creates script and highlighted screen shot
→If you manually do that thing it will take so much time in editing and scripting
→It’s very good to educate someone about new thing that they might not know
→Or someone who is not aware of that thing that they needed
→Like any software installation or any system setting setup
→Or user can also send to you what the problem they are facing in just few steps and mail to you that small file
→It will create a zip file and there is only one #MHTML file
→Open it and you will see all the things are managed
→Just click on the next or previous link to follow your task
→and its showing you all the steps one by one as you created
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