Scope Of Filming In Vancouver

.tags Lights, Camera, Action! Vancouver used to get a lot of big Hollywood productions due to the financial incentive of filming up here. Then, all that went away when it becamenot so attractive. Now, it appears that things are gearing up once again with numerous productions currently filming as we speakas in literally today.
One of Vancouver’s nicknames in Hollywood North. This epithet comes from the fact that Vancouver is the third most filmed city in North America behind Los Angeles and New York City.
Vancouver became known as a filming destination because she was a perfect stand in city. Shot from the right angles, the downtown core could look like New York, Seattle, Boston or a variety of other locales. Because of the architectural smorgasbord that is Vancouver, a low Canadian dollar, and generous tax subsidies lured film production companies to the city.
Here is a list of 6 big productions, either movie or television that can be found out & about in Vancouver alone, right now.
The Big Year:
This star studded movie is currently filming in Vancouver and based on the ensemble and premise, it sounds like itll be quite a successful comedy something along the lines of Best in Show. The movie is about three avid bird watchers that are competing to spot the rarest birds in North America at a very prestigious annual event.
This new cheerleading comedy-drama series that is coming this fall on the CW is being filmed here in Vancouver.
Foxs hit science fiction TV show is filming Season 3 right now. Last year, the show was to move to New York City to film instead of Vancouver as a cost cutting measure, but clearly in the end they chose Vancouver.
This paranormal CW show is filming its sixth season here in Vancouver, having only planned to have five seasons in the show previously; the show extended the story due to its high ratings (and really cute leading men).
This criminal comedy-drama mystery show is filming its fifth season here in Vancouver. It broadcasts on the USA Network; the storyline follows a young crime consultant that has impressive detective instincts that lead people to believe he has psychic abilities.
Amir Nasrabadi, the General Manager for Pixar Canada said the company decided to open an office in the city because of the “very mature, high-quality talent pool, driven primarily by the strength of the industry and great local universities and schools”.
Filming in Vancouver is not much difficult because this city offers lots of facilities and services for those who want to make some investment in this city. Vancouver provides fully furnished and luxurious accommodation for all the members of film production. This city makes filming in Vancouver much easier and affordable as compare to all the countries.
Filming in Vancouver is the best option to enlarge your film production business in a less budget. In Vancouver you will find all the facilities and services in very affordable prices. Just write a script and make your desired film in Vancouver.