Scintillating Seychelles Attractions


Let your quest for self discovery begin in the astonishingly beautiful island nation of Seychelles. Blessed with fascinating natural beauty, Seychelles is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

City Overview

Consisting of well over a 100 islands surrounded by the ocean, Seychelles is located north east of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. It has a number of famous beaches and islands and a single trip simply isn’t enough. The Seychelles attractions are bound to amaze you and your senses.

Places which you must visit

– Chill out and bask in the summer sun at Beau Vallon beach, the largest and most popular beach in Mahe Island, the biggest island in the country and houses the capital Victoria.
– Enjoy the golden sun at the Anse Lazio beach, which was selected the “Best Beach in the world” in 2004.
– Spend your day lazing in the relaxed La Digue Island and enjoy the Anse Source d’Argent beach, one of the most popular photography destinations. Surrounded by daunting granite boulders and tall palms, this island is one of the major Seychelles attractions.
– You should also check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Vallee de Mai, Praslin. This national park is home to some of the rarest and most exotic birds in the world.

Things you must do

– Check out the rich and amazing diversity of flora and fauna to be found throughout the country. A wild life paradise, this island country houses some of the most endangered and protected species.
– Go exploring the little coves and coral reefs off the coastline for feeling at one with Nature.
– Get a feel of the varied influences on this country as you taste the most interesting dishes. You can pop into a Creole restaurant for lunch and enjoy the rich Indian snacks on another island. The melting pot of flavors makes the gastronomical part an important item on the menu of Seychelles attractions!
– Take boat trips and bike trips to see as many islands as possible and soak up the tropical splendor.

Shopping and Sports in the city:

Quaint little markets dot this nation so shopping is one of the most enjoyable experiences here. The tourist shops have colorful souvenirs relating to life on this pretty country which will remind you of the awesome time you had! Be sure to get a whole lot of authentic tribal arts and handicrafts at really cheap rates. The water sports in Seychelles include swimming, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and wake boarding among others. So gear up for the fun.

How to spend nightlife:

The Katiolo Nightclub is the most popular spot for locals and tourists. The only open air party zone in the country, it sees large crowds and offers excellent music. In fact, this is one of the major Seychelles attractions, especially for the youth.  Go for a sunset cruise or have a romantic dinner amidst Nature’s luxury and intoxicate yourself.  Quite a few casinos and gambling dens are also to be found. 

Famous Festivals:

Don’t miss out on the annual Creole festival which is a celebration of the varied influences forming a part of the Seychellois identity. It’s a cultural extravaganza of food, music, dance and art. The Subois event focuses on the underwater resources that the country abounds in and attracts some of the biggest marine experts and conservationists.

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