Science Projects For Kids In Elementary and Middle School


Science projects in Science Fair day brings much joy to kids, parents and teachers. There are so many wonderful things to do as science to have a great day. That’s why don’t take too much time and take these innovation for each grade to start your own project.


2nd Grade: Create an insect collection to discover what types of insects live in your area. Or, put up a bird feeder and document what birds live in your area, and what their eating habits are – morning or night? What do they like to eat?


3rd Grade: Test out waterproof mascaras, to see if they are really waterproof or not. You could also put nails in different types of liquid, to see which ones rust metal the fastest.


4th Grade: Find out the answers to these questions for your science projects – Does adding salt to water really make it boil faster and hotter? Do certain shapes of ice cubes melt faster?


5th Grade: Test if different people can smell things better. Drink water through a straw, and then through two straws; figure out if you can drink more water this way, or the same as through one straw.


6th Grade through 8th Grade: Try figuring out if you can get pure water from salt water! Or try growing plants using different colors of light, and see which ones grow the best.


Doing science projects can be a lot of fun, and can teach you things you never knew before! These ideas should be able to get you started thinking about all the things you’ve always wanted to know. Make a list out of the things you are curious about, and then pick one for your science project. Try to guess what will happen before you do the project, and see if you are right about what will happen. And be sure to explain what you think happened.


Happy Experimenting!