Schosche BlueLife Headphones – They Do it All


We are excited to announce that Schosche has just released a new set of Bluetooth headphones as part of their BlueLife line. We have had the chance to try them and wanted to give our own review of the product so that we could share with you these amazing light weight headphones that definitely pack a punch to help you in your quest of purchasing a set of Bluetooth headphones!

These headphones are static free and produced amazing sound quality, which in our opinion rival the sound quality of the iPod earbud headphones. Another really cool feature regarding this type of Bluetooth headset is that the range worked up to 30 ft before the audio signal cut off. The batteries also lasted 8 to 9 hours which is quite a feat for these new types of Bluetooth headphones as most other competitors only last about 3 to 4 hours.

The main feature that caught us off guard was that these headphones were also Bluetooth headsets. This means that you can also answer the phone while listening to music. The headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone as well as current gaming consoles such as the PS3. This feature alone truly makes this new type of Bluetooth headphones the all in one package. While trying them out we loved being able to answer the phone and talk while exercising and then having the music resume the second the phone call was over.

The BlueLife headphones also came in a kit form with two different kits to choose from. The first kit has an iPod connector which connects at the base of the iPod to transmit the audio signal. The second kit offered an adapter that works with any audio device that has a headphone jack to transmit the sound. This is perfect if you are looking for complete functionality because you know you can use your headset with any device, even ancient stereo systems. Both system kits include the headphones, charging cable, and transmitter. The headphones themselves are very light weight and also came with buttons on one of the ear pieces to adjust volume and skip tracks.

If you are looking for an all in one device Schosche has put together a very good product that will fit your needs of being able to listen to music and gives you the ability to answer the phone. We hope to see more Bluetooth headsets like this in the near future that expand even more on these great features.