Sayings Are Great


Like this one…

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. This is why you need a plan.

I love this one. It’s so true.

Let’s look at it a little closer.

Change is inevitable. Bang on. Look at what the internet has done to our lives. Consumers have access to more information than ever before and they’re using it to force companies to produce new and better products, to deliver them faster and at a lower cost. Today’s savvy consumer is looking for a great experience, it’s no longer an advantage to have good service, that’s a given, you must create and deliver a complete experience.

Growth is optional. Growth is hard work is more like it. It really bothers me when I hear someone say “boy they’re so lucky their business is doing so well. Here’s another saying “it’s amazing how much luckier I get the harder I work”. Growth, especially profitable growth, takes hard work, smarts and courage. Develop your SSP and have the guts to stick with it, you’ll be rewarded.

This is why you need a plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” (I know I’m going overboard on the sayings, but it’s so true). I have met countless business owners that can’t understand why their business is struggling. When I ask to review their plan, they respond with “what plan?” Planning does not have to take months and countless hours, but it does take some serious thinking and a clear understanding of your customers, their needs and your competitive environment.

Here are some critical questions your plan should answer:

1. Who are you trying to reach?
2. What actions to you want them to take?
3. What information do they need before they will feel comfortable taking the actions you want them to take?
4. How will you communicate with them?

Start with these questions and you are on the right path. Remember, marketing is mostly common sense. Listen to your customers and they will teach you how to sell to them.