Say It With Authority


Have you ever encounter authority writing? I heard a couple of experienced writers applied it in their own writing the time I started to write my first writing task. Authority in writing is very common in most cases of writing since it usually draws the attention of every reader when they happen to cross your writing.

Part of being convincing in your writing is to lace your words with an authoritative tone. If you allow too many uncertainties to find their way into your words, it’s hard to expect readers to take your arguments seriously.

Writing with authority is a great way to express what the writer wanted to point out in his writing. This way, it will be a good thing to show how professional you are in writing and how sure your points are in order to convince your reader about the concept of your topic.

Making your writing alive is necessary and if you apply authority in your tone, then it will be worth reading for.

If you write with authority, it is not just a simple thing that you will express power in your voice in writing. Writing with authority needs a correct tone, structure and style in order to work out in your content.

Usually or even the most common writing that includes authority should use the third person’s point of view. This what makes your formal writing more active and dynamic. Basically, it will make your readers feel interested about the topic even if some people don’t easily get bored in reading a formal writing.

Not only that you can hook your readers easily but also, you have to be careful with the right words that you use.

Nobody knows everything. If anybody claimed they did, they’re either lying or ignorant. As such, you need not know everything about a topic to be an authority on it. All that matters is you put in the time to learn your subject, finding and verifying the best sources you can get.

Present your evidence with authority. Good evidence is indisputable. It’s a fact. So avoid wishy-washy, qualifying language when detailing them; instead, always present it with a straightforward and self-assured tone.

State your arguments confidently. You’ve given a lot of thought to inferences you can make from your evidence and how they tie in with your overall point. If you take care to ensure that your reasoning is logically sound, then there’s no reason not to write them with certainty.

Allow for opposing views. It’s one thing to be confident; it’s another to be arrogant. Going so far as to deny any other possibility than your views is a simplistic approach that is inherently flawed. Every argument can be countered – but you can so overwhelming that most people will see things in your favor.

Use a writing software. Nothing establishes authority better than forceful writing – one that is achieved by both a proper style and correct mechanics. A comprehensive writing software can help out on both ends.