Save the Environment and the USA Economy


These days, there are a lot of economic hard times. People are constantly looking to save money, and who can blame those people? Everybody wants to save a dollar, right? At the same time, buyers should be looking out for their fellow American citizen. We want to keep the American economy rolling.

I would like to persuade buyers to not only purchase products that are eco friendly and will be saving the environment, but to also shop for products that will save the US economy. Purchase items that are made in the USA, and save the American economy.

It is really hard for the American manufacturers to compete with all of the products that are placed in the market today. Countries are exporting mass quantities of products that are produced at cheaper costs, so they are usually less expensive to the end consumer. We’ve seen a lot of countries importing a lot of large volumes of products, which is making it less expensive, but it is also hurting American jobs and the American economy. Jobs are being lost because American consumer are purchasing products that are made outside of the USA.

Also, not to mention (my biased opinion), typically, products that are made in the USA are a better quality than those products that are imported. Typically, US manufacturers have more strict regulations, which produces a better quality product, in the end.

If your company is purchasing products, please consider the products that could be purchased from domestic manufacturers. Purchasing products from manufactures located in the USA will boost the morale of the nation, which will in turn keep the American economy rolling.

Recently, our company has seen a spike in interest for Made in the USA products, which is great for the American manufacturing companies. It is also great for the environment because the products are eco friendly. If we are seeking to save the environment, why not save the economy at the same time?