Save on Craft Supplies: Top 5 tips!

Save on Craft Supplies: Top 5 tips!

Save on Craft Supplies: Top 5 tips!
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1. Look at flyers for sales, print off coupons for all stored because Joan accepts multiple coupons and many take competitor coupons! Also (if you have it) bring military, school or club IDs because you might get another 10-15% off!

2. Download ibotta! You can save money on tons of things you buy anyway, you can use it with coupons too. Use the saving to buy more craft supplies!

3. Stock up on the items you need during holiday sales, also grab crafty gift kits for birthdays through the year (if you have any cash leftover from Christmas shopping that is LOL!)

4. Look for quality items at dollar stores, my local store had wonderful duct tape, floral items and even real mod-podge!

5. Look for local arts and craft stores when traveling, they will have unique supplies and often better regular prices than the big box craft store and you are supporting a small business!

I hoped these tips helped! Share your tips in the comments below! Happy holidays and happy crafting!

Save on Craft Supplies: Top 5 tips!

Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich

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