Satellite Tv Brings Back Musical Shows And Movies

.tags While they may have fallen off the radar during the 1980s and 1990s, at least for adults, modern musicals are back in a big way. Not only have they taken over the silver screen with instant cinematic new-classics like Chicago, Sweeny Todd, Rent, and Moulin Rouge constituting some of the most popular films in recent memory, but now theyve taken over the small screen too. The teenage crowd got hit in a big way, and now fans of all ages are getting into Foxs smash hit program Glee. Where did this sudden interest in musicals come from? For many, it came from several generations of children who grew up with musicals in their lives. It didnt matter if the parents were taking their kids to shows or simply putting them in front of the television, but with a long list of Disney musicals that many of todays adults grew up on, and todays kids are growing up on, it seems that seed was definitely planted. One man put much of that music together, Alan Menken, and his contributions will be honored by placing a star for him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Music is shown to be a great facilitator of learning and concentration across many subjects, but it seems the tendency to gravitate towards musical entertainment can also be imprinted on a person from a young age. While in a recent interview Menken himself claims not to watch many musicals, including new hit satellite TV programs like Glee it seems that its simply because thats not his thing. One obviously is able to critique and compare their own work with that of others in their chosen field, and it would seem in Menkens case that this would take away from the entertainment value. Whether he watches them or not, many people out there have seen the classic Disney films he helped create dozens of times. Nearly everyone can sing at least one of the songs from classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or Pocahontas. Before high definition, and before DVDs, the video cassettes of such films were worn thin time and time again by eager watchers of all ages. Today, it would seem, the audiences are hungry for more musicals.

Have there been any official studies done to determine the coloration between kids that watch musicals (or adults who watched musicals as kids) and the growing trend to put music into satellite TV programming? Likely not, but nobody can deny that there are plenty of fans of the musical movement out there. For those who are simply just not understanding what everyone sees in all these programs, it may be time to dust out those Disney shows for a quick refresher course in one of lifes simple joys; the musical. Of course, given time perhaps this will be just another television phase that will fizzle out, but those who are riding the wave of pure melodic joy will continue to ride it with pride until the crest falls and the tides roll back to mundane mediocre television and a new trend comes roaring towards the surf.