Samsungs Epic Phone From The Galaxy S Series

{flickr|100|campaign} The Samsung Epic 4G is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the Galaxy S line of cell phones. The phone has superior multimedia features that are backed by the high end AMOLED screen which makes the Epic a force to reckon with. Samsungs Epic is also a trendsetter when it comes to unique and one of a kind advertising campaigns. Sprint recently launched a campaign for the Epic where they created mini movies specifically for the phone. These Epic Mini Movies are a great way for the phone brand to leverage the capabilities of the phone by creating engaging and humorous short films that will be widely appreciated by the users. The Epic is on its way to becoming a popular phone for its features and the large number of cell phone accessories dedicated solely to the phone. These Samsung cell phone accessories such as Samsung epic cases help add to the overall appeal of the brand.

Most of us end up with scratches and cracks on our phones often within few weeks of purchase due to a clumsy accident. In such cases cell phone accessories like Samsung Epic cases become imperative to protect the phone from various damages it may incur. Scratches and cracks are not only a detriment for the looks of the phone but can also hamper its functionality. Hence users must consider investing in ideal Samsung cell phone accessories that suit their style as well as needs.

Cell phone accessories provide several other benefits besides protecting your phone from damage. In the current of personalization, cell phones are not far behind. Samsung cell phone accessories like faceplates and charms help users add a unique touch to their phones which helps them set their phone apart from others. Silicon Samsung Epic cases too come in a wide variety of colors and helps give the phone a touch of novelty.