Safe And Thrill-filled Rafting Adventures In Cagayan De Oro

.tags Want to experience one of the best thrills in life? Come to Cagayan De Oro and embark on the safe and thrill-filled rafting adventures on its wide popular river.

Dubbed as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines, Cagayan De Oro is fast becoming the tourist destination of both local and foreign adventurers who want to experience the outbursts of pure adrenaline rush. You, too, could experience it by joining the rafting tours organized by Great White Water Tours.

True to their tagline Safe and Professional, Great White Water Tours foremost agenda in every white water rafting trip is your safety. Before the trip begins, their expert rafting guides will orient you on safety measures and equip you with survival techniques that you will need during the white water rafting trip.

Plus, Great White Water Tours offers excellent rafting gears and equipments such as standard life jackets, hard helmets, boats, paddles, first aid kits and other rafting equipments so that you can enjoy and have fun during the white water rafting trip without sacrificing your safety.

Moreover, well-experienced and skilled rafting professionals will accompany you on the white water rafting trip to help you whenever you need them.

You will get the chance to experience the zestful flow of adrenaline in your nerves when your rafting party maneuvers through the 34 roaring rapids of Cagayan de Oro River with difficulty grades ranging from class 2 to 4+.

When on calm waters, you will notice and be awed at the beauty and wonder of the surrounding nature. Surely, you will not spend any second in boredom because every minute will be filled with fun, thrill and amazement.

Couple those with the excellent rafting tours services of Great White Water Tours, and your white water rafting trip in Cagayan de Oro will be one of the most unforgettable adventures you will ever have in your life.

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