Ryanair?s Cancellations Could Equal Decreased Tourism for Fuerteventura


The holidays business like many is suffering as a result of the credit crunch, quite simply many families that normally took one or even more holidays per year can no longer afford to do so and the problems that the airline industry has had with regards to fuel cost increases earlier this year and growing pressure to cut down on the number of flights to save the environment has made the tourism industry for many country suffer.


This suffering spreads to destinations as well with many resorts and countries relying on tourism as their main product and industry. If there are no tourists in some resorts then businesses, restaurants and hotels can go out of business after a poor peak season. This is a growing problem with many airlines now cutting back on flights to destinations and putting prices up whilst they are at it.


Recently budget airline RyanAir has cancelled flights to two main tourism destinations but the reasoning behind them has not been as expected, they have cancelled their flights services to Valencia and now Fuerteventura as the local authority have failed to comply with the budget flights company’s demands.


The airline is able to offer cheap flights because they make deals with local authorities and publicly owned airports, typically smaller ones, to promote their company through advertising and in return they can guarantee tourism hotspots that they will attract large amounts of tourists.


Now that airport owners are feeling the pinch too they are cutting back on the spending that they have up until now have paid out and cutting back on the number of flights they handle in an attempt to cutback on flights.


RyanAir has retorted by ceasing all flights and cancelling any that have already been booked, those who had been set to take flights to Fuerteventura will be refunded their money but will have to look elsewhere if they plan to visit these destinations next year.


The travel industry has seen many changes like this in recent months and unfortunately they have mostly been changes for the worse for customers. Many holidaymakers have been urged to consider destinations either closer to home or to find other ways to bring the cost of holidays down, such as all inclusive to help reduce the amount you spend when actually on holiday.


Next year may herald more unappealing changes but for now holidays are returning to their previous state as a luxury and not a cheap deal that we have now become accustomed to over the past ten years.