RV Travel Fun in Washington State

.tags If you mention travel to Washington state it’s often met with the stereotype “it always rains there”. The fact is statistically Washington gets less rain then many other locations, but has more to offer the traveler than a weather report.

Washington state has a beauty that varies widely without leaving the state. You can go from the peninsula shoreline to the beautiful western Washington to the Cascade mountains and the rugged beauty of Eastern Washington. From sailing to horse racing to rodeos to hiking there is something for everyone.

RV travel in Washington is easy with state highways and interstates that criss-cross the state. There are a host of art and city things to see and do in the Emerald city itself but don’t think that all of Washington is Seattle! Oh no! Explore the mountains, take a ferry ride and visit a farmer’s market.

Many festivals and traditions remain in Washington. There’s the Omak Stampede, the Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee and sit along one of the rivers just soaking up the beauty of the area. Wildlife abounds in the rural areas of the state.

A good network of RV parks are scattered throughout Washington state as well as dealers and service centers in the larger cities.

Fans of the Twilight Saga know of the stories centered on the Peninsula in Washington. An area of rain forests and magical coastlines, this part of Washington is another world from the busy streets of Seattle. Heavy moss, dense forests and alpine meadows are a nature lover’s dream and a photographer’s endless opportunity. Just a few hours separate these wonderlands from the bigger cities.

A stop in Seattle is a variety of eclectic tastes. The city gets a role in popular television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” with that distinctive profile of the Space Needle. There’s the Pacific Science Center, famous Pike Place Market and a love of coffee that offer a unique experience for families, couples and single travelers alike. A short drive north are the communities of Everett, Snohomish and Monroe. From here you can explore further north to the Canadian border, the islands in the Puget Sound or head East across Stevens Pass. You’ll probably want to fuel up before getting beyond Monroe or Sultan, as there are some small towns but it can be a sparse place to find fuel if you’re on empty!

The Pass offers a beautiful drive in all seasons over to Wenatchee. The eastern part of the state is very different from the western part or peninsula. It’s more rugged, some say with a harsh edge but born of independence needed to make a living in this part of the state. Orchards and ranches are plentiful. This rural area is an important agricultural area not only for the state but for the USA.

Take time to explore all that Washington has to offer. Whether you have indoor or outdoor interests, there is something for everyone here. It is easy to fall in love with Washington, for the many changes and yet convenience of being fairly close together.

Make some memories – visit Washington state for travel fun. Fall in love with a one of a kind place.