Russia is Being Eclipsed and Becoming Irrelevant Due to China’s Exponential Growth


Russia used to be considered a world superpower due to its military might, but after the collapse of The Soviet Communist Nation it has become irrelevant in the world. China knows this, but is using Russia and pretending to be its friend in order to exploit a trade arrangement to continue to get Russian oil, and to get the Russians to increase the supply of oil, that China so desperately needs.

The Chinese government of course has secret plans to enforce its borders and eventually encroach onto Russian territory. They’re 150-year plan is rather interesting and it was really quite fascinating how they plan to redraw the map in the far off future, literally taking over a third of what is now Russia, as well as several countries that are adjacent, including large slivers of real estate that are now contested between its neighbors.

After WWIII in the Middle East the Chinese hope to capture even more territory there as well. China has discovered oil and other resources in much of the area that is now contested between India and China, and in between China and other nations where the borders are loosely drawn. Before it really didn’t matter, but now that China is expanding and has a thirst for more resources.

Of course, all of this territorial conflict will be in the next four or five decades, and most likely China will win by default because it will be equal to the United States of America in GDP and economic might, along with a superior military force by then.

Still, today the big issue is that Russia is irrelevant and is becoming more so because the EU now has equaled the United States GDP and is acting as one entity; then on the other side of Russia is China which will soon be the second largest GDP of any country on the planet. Russia should fear China, but presently they don’t, rather they see China as a huge customer.

For now, China is a huge customer for Russian resources, but pretty soon Russia will have to relinquish the vast amounts of territory; tens of thousands of square miles just to keep China happy, and to prevent war for territory. Please consider all this.