Russell Peters Tickets – Russell Peters Now An Author

.tags Russell Peters has been called “the most famous person nobody’s ever heard of” by Chris Rock, but if he continues on his current trajectory much longer, that won’t continue to be true. He is starting to land on many “best of” lists, which shows that he is only on the rise.

The latest list to feature Russell Peters is the Forbes’ list of “The 10 Top Earning Comedians.” Peters tied for ninth place with estimated earnings of $ 10 million, selling out many venues around the world, including a record-breaking night at London’s famous O2 Arena. To understand where he sits on the comedy world stage, it is worth looking at the other names on the Forbes’ list. He is tied with America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator, and also on the list are Jeff Foxworthy ($ 11 million), Larry the Cable Guy ($ 13 million), Howie Mandel ($ 15 million), George Lopez ($ 20 million), Dane Cook ($ 20 million), Jeff Dunham ($ 30 million), Chris Rock ($ 42 million) and Jerry Seinfeld ($ 85 million).

Peters addressed his placement on the list in an interview with The Times London, and he used the opportunity to show yet again why he is a top-ranked comedian. He joked, “They say fame and fortune go together. Well I got all the fortune with half the fame. I can walk around, I can go where I want, I don’t get bothered. It really is … very good.”

He will appreciate that privacy even more come February, when Peters and his wife, Monica Diaz, will be welcoming a new addition. Diaz is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl, which will be the first child for the couple. Most celebrities have to go to great lengths to keep the births of their children private, but Peters has the freedom to talk openly about their new addition. Peters and Diaz married on Aug. 20, 2010 in Las Vegas.

He had a new addition of his own on Oct. 26, when he released his first book, titled Call Me Russell. The book contains much of the same material that fuels Russell’s stand-up act: his experience growing up as a child of Indian decent in Canada in the 1970s and 1980s. The book was put together by both Peters and his brother, Clayton Peters.

Although the book may have funny moments, it isn’t strictly a comedy book. In an interview with The Toronto Star, Peters explained, “A lot of people were expecting a funny book, but it’s not a joke book or a comedy book. It’s a book about a comedian, or a boy who became a comedian.” His loyal fan base will undoubtedly want to hear this famous comedian’s backstory.

The way that Peters has developed such a loyal fan base is through his popular stand-up acts. Fans who reserved Russell Peters tickets for his show at the 02 Arena in London were also a part of a new live DVD, which will be released at a later date. It won’t be his first DVD, because he has already released two DVDs, Outsourced and Red, White and Brown.