Rudolph Nureyev Inspires Dancers To Put Their Ballet Shoes On

.tags The world of ballet attracts the attention of multiple fans and followers from all over the globe. Ballet dancers wearing elegant ballet shoes create breathtaking performances that may stay in the hearts of many viewers for a very long time. In spite of the fact that the majority of ballet dancers are females there are outstanding male ballet performers who dazzle audiences from many countries. A world famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev is one of them. His outstanding technique and natural talent helped him change the image of the male ballet dancer.

Rudolf Nureyev was born on March 17, 1938 in Irkutsk, Russia in a very poor family. Rudolf had been infatuated with dancing since he was a child. His instructors noticed his talent and they advised him to pursue a career of a ballet dancer. Rudolf went to Moscow in order to take part in dance auditions for the Bolshoi Ballet Company into which he was accepted. However, a young dancer had a dream of entering the prestigious Kirov Ballet School in St. Petersburg. Rudolph put on his comfortable ballet shoes for the entrance exams to the ballet school. It is not surprising that his natural talent helped him achieve his goal. Rudolph Nureyev became one of the best dancers in the Soviet Union. He was allowed to travel and perform in many countries like Austria, France, Sweden and Great Britain.

It is interesting that Rudolph Nureyev was invited to join The Royal Ballet as Principal Dancer in 1962. He was paired with such a famous ballerina as Margot Fonteyn. Their dazzling partnership continued for a very long time. Nureyev and Fonteyn took part in such famous performances as Giselle, Kingdom of the Shades, La Sylphide and many others. It is worth mentioning that in 1970 Rudolph Nureyev became Principal Guest because he used to pack his snug ballet shoes in his suitcase and go on many international tours. Still, he religiously appeared in the Royal ballet to the delight of many ballet fans. It is worth noticing that Nureyev’s talent was so brilliant that he was invited to become dance director at the Paris Opera Ballet in 1983. Nureyev put on comfortable ballet shoes and got down to work. He accepted this proposition and successfully worked there until 1989. He promoted young dancers and continued his own dancing career at the same time.

It is worth noticing that Rudolph Nureyev became famous not only for his brilliant ballet performances but also for his acting skills. He starred in such films as I Am a Dancer, Don Quixote, Valentino and Exposed. Nureyev was invited to take part in the performance of a Broadway musical The King and I. He also appeared in several TV shows where he amused viewers with his excellent dancing performing in high quality ballet shoes and an elegant ballet uniform.

It goes without saying that Rudolph Nureyev made a great contribution to the development of ballet. He performed classical and modern ballet creating his personal dancing style. Furthermore, he managed to change the perception of male ballet dancers in modern ballet making their roles more noticeable and visible.