Roof Racks A Necessity For Every Load Carring Travel.

.tags When you are planning a long distance road trip a problem can be where to put all the items required for the journey that can not be stored inside the vehicle. The answer could be a Roof Rack.

Before you buy a roof rack there are some considerations that should be kept in mind. Some later model vehicles with rain gutters generally are of the tradesmans type, such as vans, off road and other similar vehicles and therefore require a roof rack suitable for rain gutters As a trade vehicle the racks are generally heavier and stronger that those required for passenger vehicles that require a different style of fitting with more attention to wind noise reduction ,even though when a vehicle is fitted with a roof rack air dynamics is considerably changed.

By far,vehicles that do not have rain gutters are of the majority of vehicle sold and because of the many designs of roof lines in the market, a considerable number of fitting kits are required to service this market. given that with model change a different fitting kits may be required to the previous model.

Because a change of year model may need a different fitting kit, roof racks have been designed for easy removal from the vehicle and when transferred to another vehicle all that may be necessary is to fit the required clamp designed for that vehicle. This change can be made easier due to the cross bars being made adjustable for width

As could be expected there is a wide range of designs of roof racks. Permanent fixing to the roof and the cross bars able to slide forward or backwards depending on space required, racks for factory fitted rails that require cross bars, racks requiring a specially designed strap or hook to connect the roof mounts to the roof mount, or other means of being able to fit a roof rack

Basically,there are three elements that make a roof rack, cross bars to hold the load, roof mounts to connect the bars ,and a fitting kit,strap, or hook to connect the two items to the vehicle. The strap usually fits on the edge of the roof between the door and roof with sufficient clearance the door does not touch the strap.

It should be mentioned that adding weight to the top of the vehicle alters the road holding of the vehicle by changing the centre of gravity .Weight carried should comply with the vehicle manufacturers weight limit and therefore all items carried on the roof should be weighed. Steel mesh basket could weigh up to 30kgs and the rack another 8kgs before adding any goods .With some vehicles with a weight limit of 50kgs it can be seen that weight carried is very important.

Whatever is carried it is important that when travelling the load is checked at frequent intervals to ensure everything is secure as body movement will tend to loosen straps or ties and may cause some items to fall from the rack. Check with you rack supplier to ensure you have the rack suitable for your vehicle