Romantic Italian Phrases


As valentine day is around the corner and knocking at the door, start thinking of some new and meaningful ways to impress your beloved one and express your love. Money is becoming tight so starts thinking of creative ones, small words mean a lot when it is expressed in different ways. If you want to know what that way is, I can say Italian phrases are the most effective, romantic and strongest to express your love. This article will explain how you will be able to use the most beautiful Italian phrases to your beloved one and make her woo, even this valentine or any time of the year.

Start searching for the most romantic Italian phrases. I have collected and gathered some Italian phrases below for your references. You can also select from that list. There is the most important thing to remember, while you are saying those words to your beloved one, is to be honest with your feelings and express them not only with your speeches but also with your body languages. Don’t just use those words to impress someone, whom you do not love. I can ensure you those words will make your loved one touched if she feel that the words are heartfelt.

If you are new in your relationship, you can select the below words for your beloved one:

Mi piaci ~ I like you, ..This may be the first step of making her impressed. Mi piaci tanto ~ I like you a lot… this will definitely make her feel that you love her. Mi manchi ~ I miss you… this will alow her to think that you miss her when she is not infron of or with you. Mi manchi tanto ~ I miss you a lot… Yes you can use both the words for her at a time. Ti voglio bene ~ I care for you… this will make her think that you really think for her.

If you are in a playful situation with your beloved one you can use the below Italian phrases: “Ti mando un bacio” ~ I’m sending you a kiss,
“Ti voglio” ~ I want you, “Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita?” – Where have you been all my life?
“Ti va ga un massagio?” – Can I give you a massage? “Abbracciami” – Let’s cuddle. All those words suitable when you think your loved one is in a true love with you.


For those people who are in serious love, can use some strong and romantic Italian phrases like, “Il mio cuore e per voi” ~ My heart is for you, start expressing by this phrase how much you feel for her and then say “Tu sei una stella, la mia stella” ~ You are a star, my star, and then say “Ti penso sempre” ~ I always think of you. Then say “Non posso vivere senza voi” ~ I can’t live without you, At last if the loved one is impressed then place the most beautiful word: “Cara, mi vuoi sposare?” ~ Darling, will you marry me?


Turn up the romance by using one or more of these romantic Italian phrases and let know your loved one that you love him or her in any language!