Romantic Holidays – Why and Where You Should Take a Break


Every relationship has its ups and downs. The first blush of love slowly gives way to the routines of everyday life. The stress of work further strains relationships. If there are children involved, making time for one another becomes even more difficult.

Whatever the reason for the strain, most couples recognize the need to spend time together. A romantic holiday can definitely help because it allows you to be together without everyday distractions and routines. For example, you won’t have to worry about doing the laundry or the dishes. You won’t even have to feel guilty for arriving home late from a meeting. A holiday allows you to get away from it all and enables you to concentrate on one another.

Relieved of the pressures of time, you can share your thoughts and feelings. Do things together. Go for long walks. Wake up late and order room service…There are plenty of ways to reconnect and rekindle romance.

Choosing a romantic destination can be your first step. You can revisit the place where you went on your honeymoon or where you spent a particularly romantic holiday. You can also choose from a variety of places that allow you to appreciate one another.

Tropical beach destinations work wonders. Great weather, pristine beaches and an unhurried pace force you to slow down. Whether it’s the seclusion offered by the island resorts of Maui or the Maldives, a beach is a great place to unwind, watch sunsets, snorkel, sunbathe and just splash around.

Some cities, such as Paris, too are intrinsically romantic. There’s always plenty to see and do in a city — from visiting historical places and museums, to enjoying a coffee at a street-side cafe and shopping for gifts for one another. A city allows you to explore its many attractions at a leisurely pace and do a host of things together.

Going on a cruise is another way to spend quality time. Imagine lazing on sun loungers, napping while reading a book, watching playful dolphins and occasionally dressing up for a dinner. There’s surprisingly a lot to do on ocean cruises and the vast expanse of sea around you makes for a naturally tranquil time.

You may also want to consider mountain resorts, jungle retreats and spas. But no matter where you decide to take a break, choose your hotel room or villa with care. If possible, make sure your room has a gorgeous view.

A holiday takes you away from your home, even if it’s for a brief period, and allows you to focus on the person who matters most in your life. Distance, they say, gives you a better perspective on virtually everything.