Romantic Getaway In Seychelles – The Kaleidoscopic Experience Of Romance For This Valentine’s Day

{flickr|100|campaign} About 1,500 kilometres away from mainland Africa, are the 115 Seychelles islands scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. The irresistibly attractive beaches are a gods gift with exquisite dunes of white sand kissed by topaz waters and complimented by verdant hills and large rocks. All three main islands, Praslin, La Digue and Mahe are mountainous. With the reputation Seychelles has gained as an epitome of ecotourism, it offers ideal spots for bird watching and studying large tortoises as well as the marine life that exists way below the turquoise waters, a paradise for divers of all energy levels.

With such a surreal setting, the Seychelles is undoubtedly perfect for romance. For so long couples tied by love have been escaping to many destinations worldwide for romantic escapes, maybe its because of their desire to showcase their love to the world. Love possesses the power to connect two individuals in an everlasting bond, even though sometimes it may be quite difficult to express. And the fortunate ones who finally find their soul mates, spend as much as time with them and express their love for each other and that is why over the years, lovers have been flying to places like Eiffel Tower in Paris or New York City. What can be better than the idea to visit one of the most romantic places in the world on Valentines Day than Seychelles? But there should be much more to it than merely cracking open a champagne bottle and having a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant with your better half.

That is where exotic Seychelles comes in to the picture, which for so long has been referred to as islands of love as it is a place with the magical ability to evoke romance as naturally as the ocean waves caress the shores. The astonishingly exceptional beauty and the enviable tropical climate of Seychelles create a serenity which induces a dreamlike backdrop for those passionate romantic experiences.
And this easily accessible paradise contains plenty of affordable and charming guesthouses and self-catering facilities as well as intimate hotels of all sizes and exquisite island hideaways. Those who intend to spend a romantic holiday at a Seychelles hotel will be thrilled to find Raffles Praslin Seychelles, a Seychelles resort with the ideal setting for seduction and intimate residential charm.