Roger Coulam?s Spectacular Pictures on Extreme Weather


People may know Mike Hollingshead, a professional storm chaser and photographer who travels tens of thousands of miles every year to take the most exquisite pictures of extreme weather. He immediately races after storms, hopefully capturing their shots after hearing storm warnings.


However, Mike Hollingshead is not only storm chaser who loves throwing himself into extreme weather to take pictures. Roger Coulam, the UK’s best extreme weather photographer, also loves dangerous weather, throwing himself into the path of huge tornadoes and violent electrical storms. Born in Lincolnshire in 1965 and studied as an Environmental Scientist at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Roger was one of the first British photographers ever to chase twisters through Tornado Alley referring to the area of the United States where tornadoes are most frequent. His photos have become widely published all over the world.


The sky was painted red during a snow storm in Northumberland, a unitary district in the North East of England in 2006. (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


Lightnings in the sky in Woodward, Oklahoma in May 2001(Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


A funnel cloud in Nebraska (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


Tynemouth Lighthouse during an easterly gale in Tyne and Wear (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


Lightning over Budapest in July 2001 (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


A lightning storm over Garden City – the county seat of Finney County, Kansas (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


A cloud formation under a massive supercell thunderstorm in Kansas in 2007 (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


He visited the USA to chase storms and tornadoes and photograph lightning. It took the British storm chaser and extreme weather photographer 10 months to chase storms in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado.


A tornado in Nebraska in May 2004 (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)


A tornado in Clay County, Nebraska (Picture: Roger Coulam/ Barcroft Media)



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