Road Trip to Myrtle Beach is Great


We all need spare time to get away for some rest or relaxation. In these days, all I want is to spend my precious time on a flight. What’s about you? If you live within a day’s drive of the South Carolina coast, it is suitable to have a road trip to Myrtle Beach. To make it a great experience, follow the tips below.


Make Your Road Trip Part of the Vacation Experience

No matter which direction you’re coming from, a car trip can be part of the experience. For one thing, there is no major highway or interstate coming into Myrtle Beach, so why not go ahead and steer clear of the interstates altogether? Use your map to find secondary roads and you’ll be sure to discover some small towns with interesting stops along the way. Before I lived here, my husband and I would do this, and we’ve found so many little spots selling local art, local produce, and local food in one-of-a-kind diners. Even though I’ve lived here for more than 20 years now, we still visit some of those little places that we discovered long ago. I’m so glad they’re still there! So make the trip to the beach itself part of the vacation.


You’ll Have Transportation without Renting a Car

Of course, if you drive to Myrtle Beach, you’ll have your car for transportation when you get here. You could just fly in and park yourself in an all-inclusive resort and take a cab once in awhile or walk, but then you wouldn’t get to explore some nearby places such as historic Georgetown, Conway, Wilmington or Charleston. Not to mention the short drives to local seafood villages; namely, Calabash, NC and Murrells Inlet, SC. Both have been touted as Seafood Capitals of the Carolinas. You’ll have to try both and make up your own mind.


No High Airfare or Extra Baggage Charges

If you’re coming to the beach to play golf, there’s an extra reason to drive. Almost all the airlines are charging extra for bags these days, so it just adds more expense when you have to pay to bring your golf clubs AND your luggage. And speaking of airlines, I don’t know why, but flying into Myrtle Beach is more expensive than most other airports that are nearby. So driving is even more savings when you consider the higher cost of just getting here and not having to rent a car to drive in from nearby Florence or Wilmington.


All in all, planning a car trip to beautiful Myrtle Beach is a good decision, regardless of the season you choose. There is no bad season here, so pack up your car and come on!


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I hope you have a wonderful road trip!