Rihanna – Rated R Album Review

{flickr|100|campaign} Miss Umbrella ella ella ay is again, and she’s a tiny angry. Her celebrity ex-boyfriend Chris Brown beat her up in perhaps one of the most public assault of your century, as well as incident has certainly impacted her music. As soon as upon a time a girl went by way of a break-up and soppy, heart-wrenching, adore songs ensued. Nowadays girls like Pink go via a divorce and arrive back again singing ‘So What?’ Similarly, Rihanna is out to prove she’s tougher than in the past with her new album, Rated R, in which she might have just developed the genre emo-R&B.

The incredibly successful 21-year-old has bought through 12 million records globally in her brief four 12 months music career. Rihanna’s introduction towards the scene with hits like Pon De Replay appears to be a lifetime absent from in which her music is now.

She was classified as R&B/Reggae, also due to her Barbados heritage. Considering that then she continues to be labeled as pop with SOS, and dancehall with Break It Off. She’s also been considered pop/rock with Shut Up And Drive, and certainly pop/R&B with Do not Quit The Music as well as the throughout the world smash Umbrella. Disturbia, although somewhat darker, was classified as dance. Rihanna’s fashion sense and hairstyles have changed potentially a lot more frequently than her music genres. Each and every seem is extra daring than the last, together with the volume of clothing and hair lessening each and every time.

Rated R, Rihanna’s fourth studio album, is as its title suggests – a good deal a lot more adult than her previous efforts. It truly is her initial launch to include a coarse language warning, as well as the album cover speaks for by itself. The launch has definite shock-factor, but the moment you get previous the initial feeling of ‘Uh oh, she’s gone all nuts and emo’, the album is mostly fairly listenable.

The primary single, Russian Roulette, is dark, intense and co-written by songwriter extraordinaire Ne-Yo. Albeit somewhat depressing, it’s essentially a sensible notion along with a well-crafted song with heartbeat and rolling dice sounds behind the beat. Other noteworthy songs include Stupid In Like, Cold Case Enjoy which was published by Justin Timberlake, and also the vulnerable Photographs, featuring Will.I.Am. Te Amo along with the Last Song are throw absent tracks even though a lot of the other individuals acting as filler.

The artwork for that album booklet parallels the edgier darker music. Rihanna is sporting a blonde Mohawk and cigarette, with small else. Other outfits include fur, sheer panties, leather and barbed wire. We get the hint. She’s jaded and interest seeking on the incredibly public scale.

Rihanna could be the executive producer on Rated R as well as the legendary LA Reid. She contributes towards the writing, as well as an assortment of noteworthy writers which include Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, The Dream and James Fauntleroy II. The record is undoubtedly qualified. Having said that, considering her fan base consists of a sizable amount of impressionable youthful women, the wrist-slitting path she is taking could not be the smartest transfer.