Rhodes Holidays Ideas Visiting Soroni Village & the Chapel of Agios Soulas


Island Rhodes is a land full of natural beauty and enchanting places, where one can enjoy great Rhodes holidays ideas. Every year thousands of visitors visit this place to enjoy the pleasures of summer Rhodes holidays. The beautiful Island of Rhodes offer so much to make you enjoy best Rhodes holidays during your tour, where you can amuse yourself with lots of exciting activities.

Location of Soroni:

Island Rhodes is a land of many tourist attractions that catches eyes of everyone who visits this place. Apart from other places of attractions, you can visit Soroni, a beautiful tourist resort for your Rhodes holidays, located at a distance of about 24 kilometers from the Rhodes city.

Being capital of the Kamiros’ municipality, it is a small village on the northwestern shore of Rhodes island.

Chapel of Agios Soulas:

Just a three kilometers’ drive across the pinewoods would lead you to the small church of Aghios Soulas. It is a chapel having a tavern, extensive grounds and a play area.

One of the famous religious festivals of Rhodes Island is often held at the Chapel Aghios Soulas every year on the Chapels Saints Day (29th and 30th of July). This is reason why it gets crowded especially on the Chapel’s Saints Day. You can avail athletic activities, donkey and horse races in the afternoon at a simple stadium which is quite unique on Rhodes Island.

How to Access the Chapel of Agios Soulas?

Those willing to participate in this festival can avail special bus services that depart from the New Market in Rhodes Town. The name for the monastery has been derived from Syllas, who was the follower as well as the student of Paulus – the Apostole. It is estimated that it was established in the early Christian era and has been renovated from 1836 to date. According to a medieval mythology, the water oozing out from inside the cave of the monastery has therapeutic qualities.

Restaurants, Villages and Sightseeing in the Area: Apart from its few shops, Soroni offers a range of taverns with its small beach –totally natural beach and a superb place to relax. It has a fertile land where you can avail cultivated citrus gloves, vineyards, olive trees and few other agricultural items.

You will find a number of restaurants such as the popular Greek Taverna Helena in the region where you can have delicious cuisines with their traditional taste during next Rhodes holidays. Similarly, there are a variety of villages and sightseeing option available for the tourists visiting this place for Rhodes holidays 2010 from around the world, which includes Theologos, Fanes and Kalavarda.

You satisfaction is guaranteed in this unique Greek region, where you can avail many picnic spots, amazing activities of various sorts, natural beauties and hidden places of ancient times so that you can make your trip perfect. Additionally, it is a seducing place with amazing environment so that you can enjoy your life and make one of the best Rhodes holidays on this island. In order to enjoy memorable holidays of your life you must pay a visit to Rhodes Island, Greece at least once in your lifetime.