Review The Numis Network And Build Wealth


Acquiring its name from the two major parts of the system, mainly the numismatic coins and secondly network marketing, let us Review The Numis Network in detail to find out how anyone can benefit from this pioneering business opportunity that is taking to the hearts of millions of people.

In August 2009, the company was formulated by Chris Kent, Ian Cordell and Jake Kovorkian. These three had already established themselves in the software market prior to their launch of this business. Numis was initiated as a company which offered a binary compensation plan in the field of network marketing. A binary plan is always the most favored in networking. This is because of the tremendous Spillover that such a plan promises.

An asset that cannot be ignored is how these coins of Numis get their real value. It stems from the gold and silver that is there in them. The coins also have immense collector value. As time lapses, both aspects of these coins develop greater and greater value. Such is the nature of this business of Numis. The actual worth of these coins is only assessed if one considers these four vital contributing factors namely, Rarity, Condition/quality, Precious metal content and Collector demand.

The condition of the very coin itself plays a major factor in deciding its worth. There is the Sheldon scale which is used to grade these coins. This consists of a range on a scale from 1 to 70. 70 is the highest grade that any coin can reach on this scale. If a coin reaches 70 it means it is of the highest market value.

All coins of Numis are sold only and only if they are of a grade 70. Once these specific coins are carefully selected, they are then sealed hermetically. This means the investment of the buyer has never been touched by even a single human hand. For anyone to start this business there is a start up cost of the distributor kit which is available at $ 299.

Any purchaser gets a box as part of the kit. This box is given with the intent of the purchaser using it to keep the coins that he or she is gathering. Also, there is a coin by Numis that comes along with the kit. A greater aspect of the program is the $ 100 per month autoship feature. This is likened to the David Bach autosave program as was described in his book The Automatic Millionaire.

Numis is considered the pioneer in the field. It is the first ever networking company to be established around a numismatic gold and silver coin business. They have no competition at all in the market. The business that the company has deals with collectible coins with an industry worth over $ 110+ BILLION. All the above factors have contributed to make Numis a force to reckon with in network marketing.

The great news is, for people who are just joining, they are going to be right at the top, so the benefit from the spillover is going to be really incredible for them. After making a thorough and honest Review The Numis Network, hardly anyone would be able to resist this fabulous opportunity to earn a great income right from home.