Review of Type A Blogging Conference

Review of Type A Blogging Conference

I am happy and blessed to be back home safely after attending an awesome blogging conference last week! I met other amazing mom bloggers and even got to meet Darren Rowse (he’s been blogging since 2004!).

If you want to know what a blogging conference is like imagine a large conference room with most of the attendees on their computers. Half of them were on Facebook and they were working! Connecting with their audience in Facebook groups and answering messages. Every now and then they would look up and take in some new information from the speaker. It was super interesting to see!

Back when I was corporate and went to conferences laptops and cell phones were banned in the conference room. But when you choose to come to the conference on your own will, you can choose how you spend that time. It’s day and night difference from corporate life.

Also, there was such a huge diversity of bloggers. From young moms like myself, to moms with teenage kids, to a whole crowd of mature moms with grandchildren! That is phenomenal!

Women the age of my grandmother running their business from their ipad like a pro! I loved seeing the community and diversity of being a mom blogger. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this online world.

Mom Advice:

So most of you know that my baby is still young and breastfeeds. So while at the conference I had to pump halfway through the day. This was my first time being a ‘working mom’ for three days straight.

It was hard! I had to find a semi private spot to do this. Who wants to sit in the bathroom or their car and pump? Not me! So I found a quiet bench outside and used my hand pump.

It was awkward!

There I was sitting on a bench with a manual breast pump under my shirt looking very strange! And normally when I breastfeed I get very sleepy, so I close my eyes and rest for a bit.

I knew I got a ton of stares of “what is that woman doing under her shirt, and why is she closing her eyes?”

It made me walk in the shoes of a working mom for a few days. And it’s hard! If you’re a mom who works outside of the home, golly, it’s hard!

Being a working mom is hard – being a stay at home mom is hard – being a working at home mom is hard. Each ‘way’ of mothering has its challenges! Let’s all just acknowledge that being a mom is no joke, it’s a lot of work taking care of little ones and raising them to be good adults.

If you have a few minutes, let me know what’s the hardest part of your day. I want to hear your story too!

Blogging Advice:

Of course, I would love to share some blogging advice I received! I’ll put them in numbered form so if there is one you’d like me to dive deeper into, just hit reply and let me know.

Videos in Facebook with captions share better than those without. And I learned a method how to add captions for free, which I will test out this week!
For your next post, try a ‘comparison post’ between two products. Show why the one you’re an affiliate to, is the superior choice. But point out some honest flaws and be real.
Increase your page views by using images that emotionally connect with your reader.
Allow your reader to project themselves on your image.
For your entire blog, think about your ultimate goal. What is the change you want to see in your reader? If they are currently at point A, how do you get them to point B? Your blog and advice should get them there. Providing a roadmap for them to go through a transformation for the better will make you invaluable!
I will go ‘Live’ on my Facebook page today to recap a bit more about the conference. And I want to practice being more comfortable doing live videos, so wish me luck!

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