Retrieval Efficiency of Email Archival Systems


According to Judy Mottl,, there will be triple the $ 1.7 billion market for email archiving technology by 2012. And, the surge is definitely due to the growing needs from enterprises of all sizes across the world.

While so much is happening in the email archival scenario, the primary concern has always been retrieval speed/efficiency, security and privacy. Let us look at the first important issue, retrieval speed, in this article.

Retrieval speed of email archival systems is critical to ensure that companies have ready access to email records, whenever it is required. More importantly, since most of the companies use Microsoft Exchange server as their email server, email archival system should be able to manage exponential increase in the size of Microsoft Exchange servers.

The following are the benefits that companies can realize when email archival systems have good retrieval efficiency.

Storage efficiency – Data management teams will now be able to reclaim terabytes of storage by moving old or infrequently accessed/used data from primary data stores to more cost-effective archival storage.

Online access – There will be improved information access by online users when the retrieval speed and efficiency is high. Data can be made readily accessible and reusable as well.

Backup – Users can enjoy high speed backup and recovery. Also, administrators can easily change data stores while taking backup.

Enhancing the overall process efficiency – Companies can save time and money and also, enable easy integration with other data management systems.

Regulatory compliance – This is one of primary benefits of an archival system which has excellent retrieval speed. Companies can expect to preserve important documents, e-mails, and other critical data according to internal rules and external regulations and still be able to produce evidence whenever required.

Going by the numerous operational and economical efficiencies that arise due to enhanced retrieval speed of email archiving systems, companies need to be careful while choosing email archiving software solutions. Most importantly, the software needs to support Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Additionally, email archiving solutions must also cater to reliable safeguards, including encryption in order to ensure that the email is tamper-proof and cannot be altered.

It can also be determined if the solution has the ability to migrate all existing PST file data into the archive repository. This would enable organizations to eliminate PST files proliferation across the enterprise, thus resulting in better email management.

Watch out for the next article on – Security in Email Archival Systems.