Retire in Mexico ? Low Cost of Real Esate & Living


Combined with warm weather, beautiful beaches and lush, green nature, one of the main attractions for those choosing to retire in Mexico is that world-class services and a high quality of life is available for a very low price.


This having been said, many of us take a look at some feature listings and think, “Oops – maybe the groceries are cheap, but I can’t afford that $ 400,000 condo on the beachfront!”


Here’s a point to consider; feature listings are often the ones that have very special features or a good deal of luxury. Many other properties are available in just about any price range; good but cheap Mexico real estate is available for your retirement! Let’s take a look at some ways you can find cheaper real estate, that is still of high quality.


Away from the beach – Take a look at some properties a little further back from the beach. Often properties can be found that are within walking distance to shopping restaurants, and in a pleasant neighborhoods. Some may even include pools. Usually the beachfront isn’t so far away anyway; can you live with a 10 to 15 minute drive to the beach? If so, consider this option.


Up-and-coming areas – Areas where tourism is just beginning to take off often offer high-quality real estate at much more accessible prices. Look for signs of growing tourism and large-scale public and private investment, indicating that the area will be getting publicity attention as well. Check what services are available; sometimes the basics are in place before the area makes it big with tourists.


Fixer-upper – If you have a bit of time to invest before retirement, you can find a home that’s been somewhat neglected but has a sound structure and it has a lot of potential to be converted into a retirement dream home. Often fixer-uppers can be found for as little as 50% of the value of the full-restored or kept-up counterpart. (Be sure to get a home inspection!!)


Hidden gem – This applies both to neighborhoods and entire areas. There may be a pleasant little neighborhood in a favorite beachfront city that almost no one has noticed yet. In some cases, there are beautiful colonial cities that have been restored, included modern medical services and have many lakefront and hilly countryside getaways nearby, but have only been noticed by Mexicans – for these, you’ll need to learn a bit of Spanish to start.


Contact an experienced real estate agent, let them know what you are looking for when you retire in Mexico; tell them your budget, and ask for suggestions on where and how. You may find some surprisingly appealing options.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely