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{flickr|100|campaign} How to get instant traffic to your Restaurant Website through Google Pay-per-click marketing…

If you’d like to get some instant results with Google while your SEO campaign is under way, a great way to do this would be using Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform.

You see, whenever you type a search term into Google, you get some paid ads at the very top (highlighted in yellow or pink) and to there are more to the very right of the page, as well. The rest of the results are the “free,” organic listings.

The paid ads’ placement are based on the ad’s price (what you’re willing to pay per click) and its popularity (Google rewards you with cheaper clicks for having a popular ad).

So you could actually have the top paid ad… without paying the most per click!



Google is the top search engine because they give their customers (searchers) what they want (aka what they’re searching for).

So as long as you bid on keywords that are relevant to your business and send them to a page that gives them what your ad promises, you can have a top ad placement (without having to pay top dollar).

But there’s one thing a lot of restaurant owners are really screwing up on…

Not sending their prospects to a conversion-focused landing page!

You see, when using a pay-per-click strategy for your restaurant marketing campaign, you want to make sure you convert that traffic into leads and sales.

So you want to send your ppc traffic to a squeeze page, which is a web-page whose sole purpose is to convert traffic to leads and sales.

Also, make sure and ad Google’s tracking code to your page and you’ll see exactly how much each lead is costing you.

Not only that, once you have a baseline like that to go from, you can test different strategies to get better results…

Examples of things you can test include…

* Headlines: colors, text, font, etc.
* Video versus text (or both)
* Your opt-in form: placement, design, colors, offer

This is what makes the Internet great — everything is trackable! Because, as long as you know your numbers, you can know what’s working best and spend accordingly.

This is one reason we recommend setting up a Google PPC campaign before you spend a lot of time or money trying to rank for a keyword through SEO.

This is, of course, another thing we know how to do quite well and can help you with…


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