Residual Income In A Nutshell


What is residual income and why is everyone talking about it? Residual income is the holy grail among Internet Network Marketers. Everyone is talking about it because in the very definition of the concept, lies a great promise of earning money without working.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I mean, who in their right mind would ever give you money for nothing?

Well, nobody…most people would think. The fact is, that’s not entirely true, especially in today’s Internet Marketing World. The residual income definition is that you do your work once and then you get paid over and over again for it.

Wikipedia describes it as “Income received on a regular basis, with little or no effort required to maintain it.”

OK, now that I’ve defined it, intrigued you and have your undivided attention, let’s see if I can make you FEEL the meaning of true residual income.

Growing Up As A Kid

Let yourself drift back to when you were a young child. What did you do? What were those years like? Maybe you splashed in the pool, rode your bike with friends, climbed trees, had snowball fights, or maybe you even built a fort in the woods. I did many of those things as I’m sure you did too. Do you remember it as the most carefree time of your life? Now let me ask you this question.

Did you ever worry about money when you were a child, doing all the things that kids do?

Of course you didn’t.

Achieving true residual income will allow you to propel yourself to that exact frame of mind again, since money will never be a concern.

Inside Secrets of Writers And Musicians

Imagine you’re a writer and you write a novel that hits the Best Seller’s List. Voila! You have just received residual income. Your bestselling novel will continue to make money for you long after you write it…and for many years to come.

Think of the newest recording artists in the music industry. One single song will sell millions of copies, over and over again. Some songs may even become classics, and continue to sell and make money for the artist for decades.

In A Nutshell

Residual income guantees that you will have complete control over the most important things in your life. What could be more important than tucking your kids into bed before they go to sleep at night, reading your favorite book by the pool on a hot summer afternoon, or taking the family on a spontaneous trip to a far away land? How rewarding would it be to allow your husband or wife to quit their arduous and exhausting “day job”?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’m not a writer or a musician, I can’t do those things.”

~ Well, I’m not either. My singing would scare a pigeon away from a McDonald’s french fry.

My point is, you have to search deep down within yourself and ask…do I have a Core desire to achieve that reality? Do I crave that type of lifestyle for myself and for my family? How determined am I to make it happen? Am I willing to sacrifice some of the secure, comfortable and convenient segments of my life for awhile, in order to achieve my dream? Am I willing to eat, breathe, and sleep building an Internet Marketing Business, for however long it takes?

It isn’t easy to build an Internet Marketing business. At times it can be down right frustrating and baffling. For the first several months I wondered around the Web aimlessly. I felt like I was an airline pilot, flying around the sky in an endless holding pattern.

Eventually, all of the little pieces begin to fit together, like a perfectly snug puzzle.

Allowing yourself to look beyond the temporary frustrations, you will discover the most satisfying aspects about building an Internet Network Marketing business. Solid and sincere relationships are formed among like minded strangers, from all over the globe, who generously reach out to each other, and lend a helping hand. They may be in London, New Zealand, California or Chicago. You may encounter a social media buff, a Twitter guru, a marketing expert, a techy back office specialist, or maybe even one of the world’s most notorious and top notch Internet Marketers.

They will reach out, point and lead the way for you…all you have to do is follow.