Research Proves The Benefit Of Sales Jokes In The Office

.tags The research clearly indicates that where employees are enjoying their working day their productivity is much higher. Some corporations fear that by introducing more humour into the workplace they will jeopardise productivity but the contrary has been proven in numerous reports. A few sales jokes or other anecdotes will go a long way to achieving a good working environment. In addition businesses that embrace humour also achieve improved turnover in sales and better profitability.

Sales managers should be encouraged to include a sales meeting joke during regular get togethers of the sales team. By including a few jokes about sales the team will connect much better with the sales manager and feel that he is onside and understands the pressures that they are under to achieve targets, particularly in difficult times. Often a sales training joke will re-engage your trainees when you are in the process of delivering knowledge and skills through a workshop format.

Workshops can be more interactive than a presentation format but in either scenario, the telling of a good sales joke will impress your audience and have them listening more closely to the information you are imparting. All too often presenters and sales managers fail to recognise the benefit s of a sales joke during the training session or office meeting. Jokes on sales can also then be relayed to the staff in administration or other divisions as people connect with one another through the day. This creates a sense of fun within the office which does not negate form productivity. Rather, all the research indicates that the telling of sales jokes (only needs to be one or two) through the working day enhances efficiency and accuracy in staff.

In addition sales jokes shared create a greater sense of belonging and staff are motivated and wanting to provide greater support to their team mates. All of these factors contribute not only to a much more friendly and enjoyable work day experience but also to the productivity and profitability of a company.

Failure to recognise the benefits of sales jokes and the sharing of other stories will lead to a dull working environment and reduced productivity. It is important to recognise the appropriateness of sales jokes. Best to avoid adult sales jokes unless those present are close friends who you know will not be offended in any way. A well timed sales meeting joke or sales training joke can recapture the attention of staff and ensure that they listen more carefully to the other information you are discussing with them.

Jokes about sales are readily accessible on the internet – if you are in a sale manger role or involved in the presentation of sales training courses then you would be well advised to have a few very good sales jokes up your sleeve so you can break any perceived monotony and have your audience sitting up and more involved. Companies today invest considerable sums in the training of staff. If you become recognised as a trainer or sales manager who knows the value of humour and has a few jokes about sales on the ready, as well as being knowledgeable in the field you are bound to receive many referrals.

Your will not only boost the revenue of the companies which retain your services but your own income will increase because of the positive feedback and referrals you will receive.