Replace the output of the center film new business: CTcP plate center-CTcP, plate – Printing Industry


CTcP, a German computer company basysPrint To plate Machine. CTcP are CTP , But CTP The biggest difference is that it uses ordinary PS version , While others use a dedicated CTP CTP version. For example, and most mainstream Thermal CTP than they have in common is the quality of both Bi Feilin plate better, more efficient, less artificial; the two biggest difference is: all must use expensive CTP CTP Plate And CTP plate processor solution, CTcP using ordinary PS version, the original pre-press process has not changed. That is, with the CTP, saved the film’s money to subsidize to the plate, the plate-making to improve the quality, and overall efficiency, but does not save money; with CTcP, the improved quality and efficiency, but also save money film lost money, that is profit!

The past two years, Guangdong and even the country, one after another came the news CTcP plate center was established. The plate for the traditional center of the film, this is by no means good news. This means that the traditional center of the film plate already difficult business days will be even more worse. For printing, this news is good news, this is a good opportunity to reduce prepress costs! Prices of raw materials and exports by reducing the impact of increasingly fierce competition in the printing industry, if they can dispense with film, without increasing the cost of new plates, and can improve print quality and printing efficiency, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, lot of good. It is generally recognized and film printing plate centers can not compete, so CTcP plate center came into being! At present, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Ningxia, Liaoning and other places, have been made CTcP plate center.

Study found that successful investment CTcP plate center customers, there are several different forms:

1, only one of the printing press, PS version is not the amount of investment a CTcP, meet their own needs, the plate center to plate the name of an external part of the business. This model has the advantage of equipment to maximize investment returns, defects are more prone to suspicion peer printing, plate impact our business. The solution is to separate the printing and plate-making center settings.

2, more than one CTcP plate center-effective. Practice shows that concentrated area in printing, two or more CTcP plate center for better economies of scale. The first two devices to ensure equipment maintenance, and second, the plate can take a large business customers, it will not affect the zero-one. Plate velocity fourth-generation machine is relatively slow, the fifth-generation machines can easily reach a monthly capacity of 6000 pages or more, more suitable for plate-making center of sufficient volume of business.

3, the market most of the family on to be printed ads Design Companies dominated. Advertising run CTcP plate center-effective! This process is not difficult to understand: I used to do advertising to electronic documents distributed to film companies, and by the film company to film to the printing press, printing drying PS version, the machine printing. The whole process cumbersome, and prone to error. Now just need to e-file directly on the plate in the CTcP then PS version to the printer on it. Do not increase the cost of printing, but the money earned out of film: one square meter more than 30 yuan. Advertising design company in the printing industry value chain, the top of the smooth sailing of CTcP plate center business, there is no reason to do it!